Midterm Evaluation: Blog specimens

The blogs I have chosen for submission are Blog 2: Having fun with a giant pink cat and Blog 4: The little people inside your computer. Both blogs were really fun to do and I feel they are the strongest of the blogs that I have written so far, though Blog 3: Bounty hunters in space, would be my honorable mention. My other blog postings are ok, but a few were rushed or came close to the wire. My first blog posting was not as good as the others, so I did not even considered it for submission.

For both, blogs 2 and 4, I went back and corrected grammatical errors, sentence structures, and spelling errors. The quotation marks became a hassle because some of them would be correctly done and others would be incorrectly done (i.e. one would face correctly, while the other would be incorrectly positioned). Believe me, this drove me nuts. I also added tags and categories to each of my blog postings. The categories fall under History of Animation, Film Review, Blog Specimens, and Sports.

Overall, I believe that I am doing a good job with my blog postings, despite some posts, I considered to be substandard or awful. Posting and commenting, every week can be hard and I must admit there were a couple of times, when I finished my postings a little late. In the end, writing posts and commenting on my fellow students blogs have been fun and rewarding, but exhausting and annoying, as well.

ETA: So, far this semester has been fun and rewarding for me and I hope the second half will be just as fun and exciting.


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