Blog 8: Thanks for the memories, Toonami!


Afternoons used to be fun for me, when I was a teenager because of an animated action oriented programing block called, Toonami (Toonami came into being in 1997) .Toonami, in my opinion, was a programing block geared towards boys because the majority of the animation that aquired for this block was about superheroes or giant killer mechas that threatened the universe. Toonami did introduce American audiences to one of Japan’s most popular super heroines, Sailor Moon.

Toonami showed mostly anime, like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, but they also showed animated series about super heroes and teenage heroes like Batman: The Animated Series and The Real Adventures of Johny Quest, as well. Thanks to Toonami, I was introduced to anime for the first time and believe you and me, my parents blame this block for my worship of anime, as the best form of 2D animation out there. Toonami, in my opinion, was one of Cartoon Network’s best programing blocks because it was creative, had execellent CGI animation, had good interaction with the audience, and a bit of philosophy for everyone to think about.

Sadly, though, Toonami was canceled by Cartoon Network in 2008, about a year after celebrating its tenth aniversary. 


ETA: I commented on Bonnie Hansen’s blog and Katherine Danoy’s blog.


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