Final Evaluation: Blog specimens 2

The blogs I have chosen for submission are Blog 9: A lone wolf of Mibu and Blog 12: Some memories are better left dead. Both blogs were fun to write because they highlight some of my best writing in this class and I love talking about anime. Blog 7: Three talking gargoyles and a hunchback would fall under my honorable mention category. My other posts for this semester were alright, but due to family issues and an illness, some of my blogs were either unsatisfactory in my opinion or in the case of one, was never completed. Because of these issues, I have decided to go back and edit the blogs I am dissatisfied with and redo them.

For blogs 9 and 12, I corrected grammatical mistakes, sentence structures, and spelling errors. The second half of the semester was stressful for me because of issues with my family that I will not go into detail here, but let’s say it was not pretty. I was also sick this semester, which is a rarity for me, but suffice to say, I should not have been surprise because of all the stress I went through because of my dealing with one bad issue after issue. Thankfully, my family situation is under control and my stress level is down. Yay!

Overall, this semester has been a blast for me because I love history and animation. Writing about both these subjects has been fun and stressful at times. Viewing and commenting on my fellow students blogs was the best part of being in this class because I love reading other people’s opinions and learning which forms of animation they like (i.e. CGI, stop-motion, claymation, anime, etc…). In the end, I recommend this class on animation history for people who love to blog and talk about animation.

ETA: I have enjoyed blogging about my views of animation and I have decided to keep this blog up for your entertainment and enjoyment.


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