Technology: helping the spread of news (part 4)

In our previous three blog entries, we discussed how technological advancements like the printing presssteam engine, telegraph, radio, and television (see beow) have helped spread information and the news to the public-at-large.   In our final entry, we will continue the discussion on how technology has helped shape the spread of information and the news.



Like the television set, the Internet (see picture below) was another revolutionary advancement in technology, in terms of, spreading information and news because the Internet is able to connect people from different countries with each other.  For instance, I can talk to my cousin Vivian in Taiwan by e-mail or through the social networking site MySpace by using the Internet.



Another, aspect of the Internet that helps spread information and news is the fact that many newspapers like the ”New York Times” and the “Washington Post” have websites that carry their news stories online and often send breaking news alerts to people who subscribe to their e-mail alerts.  Smaller papers like the “Army Flier” in Enterprise, Alabama, which serves the Fort Rucker community also uses the Internet to spread news and information to the soldiers who live on the base.  My father, Robert Morse, interestingly enough, got his picture in this newspaper and its Facebook page when he attended Warrant Officer training in September.

Overall, as one can see, technological advancements like the printing press, steam enginetelegraphradio, television, and the Internet has helped spread news and information more easily and effectively to the masses.


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