Smartphones as a second brain


In the article, “The Dilemma of Being a Cyborg” by Carina Chocano, the author  talks about how we rely on devices like smartphones to store our memories. It makes sense that we store stuff on our devices because we want to appreciate or remember these events. Our smartphones have become like another brain to collect and retrieve said memories. The very notion that our devices are like a second brain is intriguing, but also a little disturbing because what happens when our devices die or worst stolen by thieves who want our information? It would be disastrous. Think about all those stories about people having their identities stolen.

In my experience, my smartphone  is really cool, but is it the same as actually my brain. In way, yes, because it can store, collect, and retrieve information.  While, this is great, it does pose a problem. Does our reliance on these devices, hinder our abilities to remember things with our normal brains?  I think so because we have become dependent on our smartphones for just about everything.  It’s sad because I feel like we have forgotten how to do some things like interacting with people and going to a library to find information.

Overall, I believe there is a dilemma about becoming a cyborg. I don’t think we are quite there yet, which is good thing. Do we want our smartphones ruling us? Do we want Skynet to take over? I think not.


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