Internet and privacy


In the article, “Who Has Your Back?”, discusses which Internet and social media company stands up for your privacy, even when the government wants access to it (i.e. PRISM).  Internet privacy has been huge topic of debate in recent months because of the recent revelations of the NSA surveillance program. A lot of us probably assumed or thought that our privacy was protected by Internet and social media companies, but we now know that’s not always the case.

It’s not a real surprise that Twitter strives to protect users’ private data, but what is a surprise is how others like Amazon or Yahoo don’t.  But given the recent government efforts to observe Americans online, it may be hard for companies to fight government pressure, especially in the name of National Security. Overall, internet privacy is something we all hope for because we don’t want unauthorized people to access our data to steal information like our credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, and other personal identification information.  As a student of Information technology, protecting privacy is very important to me because I would like to protect myself from unauthorized access and identity theft. In the end, internet privacy is something we should all strive for.


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