“Labor of Love”


In the article, “Will Work for Praise: The Web’s Free-Labor Economy”, Stephen Baker discusses the why people like to work on the Internet for free. This article is interesting because it talks about why we love to spend time dedicated to blogs or Facebook.  In my case, I enjoy spending time on my various blogs andTwitter. I must admit it does take a little work to maintain a blog, especially a blog dedicated to writing about random things I find interesting.

Why do people like myself, spend so much free time on the Internet and social media and blogging sites? According to Manila Austin (psychologist at Communispace), “People want the validation that they are being heard.” I think the quote above is striking because a lot of us have opinions that we want to share and blogging, Facebook, and Twitter have become ways we can express ourselves and have our voices heard.

Overall, the Internet has become a place where ideas and free labor come together to form a community who want to express themselves creatively. Our desire to be heard maybe a reason why we dedicate so much time on the Internet. In the end, social media and blogs are popular ways to be heard on the Internet.


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