Today in history 5/1/2016-5/7/2016



Today in history, Theodosius II succeeds to the throne of Constantinople in 408.

Today in history, King Albert is murdered by his nephew John, because he refused his share of the Habsburg lands in 1308.

Today in history, Christopher Columbus convinces Queen Isabella to fund expedition to the West Indies in 1486.

Today in history, The Battle of Chancellorsville begins as Union Gen. Joe Hooker starts his three-pronged attack against Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in 1863.

Today in history, The Empire State Building opens in New York in 1931.

Today in history, The film Citizen Kane (see below)–directed and starring Orson Welles–opens in New York in 1941.

Today in history, Gwendolyn Brooks becomes the first African American to win the Pulitzer Prize for her book of poetry called Annie Allen in 1950.

Today in history, Osama Bin Laden is killed in Abbottabad Pakistan by US Navy SEALS in Operation Neptune Spear in 2011.


Today in history, The Hudson Bay Company is founded in 1670.

Today in history, Napoleon defeats a Russian and Prussian army at Grossgorschen in 1813.

Today in history, Stonewall Jackson smashes Joseph Hooker’s flank at Chancellorsville, Virginia in 1863.

Today in history, The Territory of Oklahoma is created in 1890.

Today in history, Prisoners revolt at California’s Alcatraz prison in 1946.

Today in history, Student anti-war protesters at Ohio’s Kent State University burn down the campus ROTC building. The National Guard takes control of campus in 1970.


Today in history, Macon B. Allen becomes the first African American to be admitted to the Bar in Massachusetts in 1855.

Today in history, The Battle of Chancellorsville rages for a second day in 1863.

Today in history, The first airplane lands at the geographic North Pole in 1952.

Today in history, Margaret Thatcher (see below) becomes the first woman prime minister of Great Britain in 1979.


Today in history, A French manufacturer debuts the first folding umbrella in 1715.

Today in history, The Battle of Chancellorsville ends when Union Army retreats in 1863.

Today in history, Union General Ulysses S. Grant‘s forces cross the Rapidan River and meet Robert E. Lee‘s Confederate army in 1864.

Today in history, Ohio National Guardsmen open fire on student protesters at Kent State University, killing four and wounding nine others in 1970.


Today in history, Christopher Columbus lands on the island of Jamaica, which he names Santa Gloria in 1494.

Today in history, Napoleon Bonaparte dies in exile on the island of St. Helena in 1821.

Today in history, Union and Confederate forces clash at the Battle of Williamsburg, part of the Peninsular Campaign in 1862.

Today in history, American Jesse Owens sets the long jump record in 1935.

Today in history, Alan Shepard becomes the first American in space in 1961.

Today in history,  Pulitzer Prize awarded to Norman Mailer for his ‘nonfiction novel’ Armies of the Night (see below), an account of the 1967 anti-Vietnam War march on the Pentagon in 1969.


Today in history, The dirigible Hindenburg explodes in flames at Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1937.

Today in history, Bob Hope (see his picture below) gives his first USO show at California’s March Field in 1941.

Today in history, President Dwight D. Eisenhower (see below) signs the Civil Rights Act of 1960.

Today in history, The Channel Tunnel linking England to France is officially opened in 1994.


Today in history, Joan of Arc breaks the English siege of Orleans 1429.

Today in history, Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” premiers in Vienna in 1824.

Today in history, The American Medical Association is formed in Philadelphia in 1847.

Today in history, Germany signs an unconditional surrender, effectively ending World War II in Europe in 1945.

citizen kane premier still






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