Today in history 6/26/2016-7/2/2016



Today in historyRoman Emperor Julian dies, ending the Pagan Revival in 363.

Today in history, The Lewis and Clark Expedition reaches the mouth of the Kansas River after completing a westward trek of nearly 400 river miles in 1804.

Today in history, The Germans begin firing their huge 420 mm howitzer, “Big Bertha” (see picture below), at Paris in 1918.

Today in history, A memorial to the first U.S. troops in France is unveiled at St. Nazaire in 1926.

Today in history, The U.N. Charter is signed by 50 nations in San Francisco, California in 1945.

Today in historyPresident John Kennedy announces “Ich bin ein Berliner” at the Berlin Wall in 1963.



Today in history,’Prudence Crandall, a white woman, is arrested for conducting an academy for black women in Canterbury, Conn in 1833.

Today in history, Confederates break through the Union lines at the Battle of Gaines’ Mill–the third engagement of the Seven Days’ campaign in 1862.

Today in history, The yen becomes the new form of currency in Japan in 1871.

Today in history, The crew of the Russian battleship Potemkin mutinies in 1905.

Today in history, Democrats offer Mrs. Leroy Springs (see picture below) the vice presidential nomination, the first woman considered for the job in 1924.

Today in history, Scientists at Bell Laboratories in New York reveal a system for transmitting television pictures in 1929.



Today in history, The French colony of Guadeloupe is established in the Caribbean in 1635.

Today in history, Mary “Molly Pitcher” Hays McCauley (see pictures below), wife of an American artilleryman, carries water to the soldiers during the Battle of Monmouth in 1778.

Today in history, Congress declares Labor Day a legal holiday in 1884.

Today in history, Samuel J. Battle becomes the first African-American policeman in New York City in 1911.



Today in history, The British parliament passes the Townshend Revenue Act, levying taxes on America in 1767.

Today in history, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, and Olympic National Park, Washington, are founded in 1938.

Today in history, President Harry S. Truman (see picture below) authorizes a sea blockade of Korea in 1950.


Today in historyCharles Dickens reads from A Christmas Carol at St. Martin’s Hall in London–his first public reading in 1857.

Today in history, Margaret Mitchell’s novel, Gone With the Wind, is published in 1936.

Today in history, John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley demonstrate their invention, the transistor, for the first time in 1948.

Today in history, Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Psycho (see picture below), opens in 1960.



Today in history, Charles Darwin (see picture below) presents a paper on his theory of evolution to the Linnean Society in London in 1838.

Today in history, In the first day’s fighting at Gettysburg, Federal forces retreat through the town and dig in at Cemetery Ridge and Cemetery Hill in 1863.

Today in history, American ground troops arrive in South Korea to halt the advancing North Korean army in 1950.



Today in history, The Continental Congress resolves with the Declaration of Independence  (see picture below) that the American colonies “are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States” in 1776.

Today in history, Congress establishes the Army Air Corps in 1926.




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