Today in history 1/8/2017



Today in history, The Treaty of Radzin ends a five year war between the Turks and the allied countries of Russia and Poland in 1681.

Today in history,  A rag-tag army under Andrew Jackson (see picture below) defeats the British on the fields of Chalmette in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.


Today in historyPresident John F. Kennedy (see picture below) attends the unveiling of the Mona Lisa in 1963.


Today in history, Ella T. Grasso (see picture below) becomes Governor of Connecticut, the first female governor in the US who did not come into office by succeeding her husband in 1975.


Today in history, Valeri Polyakov, a Russian cosmonaut leaves earth, bound for the Mir space station; he will spend a record 437 days in space in 1994.

Today in history, The largest passenger ship in history, the RMS Queen Mary 2, is christened by Queen Elizabeth II, granddaughter of Queen Mary in 2004.


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