Today in history 1/13/2017



Today in history, John of Gaunt marries Katherine Rouet in 1397.

Today in history, President James Polk (see picture below) dispatches General Zachary Taylor and 4,000 troops to the Texas Border as war with Mexico looms in 1846.

Portrait Print of President James K. Polk after a Daguerrotype by Matthew Brady

Today in history, A woman takes a seat on the NY Stock Exchange breaking the all-male tradition in 1927.

Today in history, The bridge connecting New York and New Jersey is named the George Washington Memorial Bridge (see picture below) in 1931.


Today in history, Chase National and the Bank of Manhattan agree to merge resulting in the second largest U.S. bank in 1955.

Today in history, In Virginia, Douglas Wilder (see picture below), the first African American elected governor of a US state, takes office in 1990.



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