Today in history 1/20/2017



Today in history, Edward II of England is deposed by his eldest son, Edward III in 1327.

Today in history, Britain signs a peace agreement with France and Spain, who allied against it in the American War of Independence in 1783.

Today in historyCharles Lindbergh (see picture below) arrives in New York, setting a cross country flying record of 14.75 hours in 1930.


Today in history, Franklin D. Roosevelt is inaugurated for his fourth term in 1945.

Today in history, President Jimmy Carter (see picture below) is sworn in and then surprises the nation as he walks from the U.S. Capitol to the White House in 1977.


Today in historyRonald Reagan (see picture below) is sworn in as president at the same time 52 American hostages are released by their captors in Tehran, Iran in 1981.



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