Today in history 2/1/2017



Today in history, Edward III is coronated King of England in 1327.

Today in history, The tobacco laws of Virginia are codified, limiting tobacco production to reduce dependence on a single-crop economy in 1633.

Today in history, A furious Governor Sam Houston (see picture below) storms out of a legislative session upon learning that Texas has voted 167-7 to secede from the Union in 1861.


Today in history, A Loening Air Yacht of Air Ferries makes its first passenger run between San Francisco and Oakland, California in 1930.

Today in history, Four black students stage a sit-in at a segregated Greensboro, N.C. lunch counter in 1960.

Today in historyReverend Martin Luther King Jr. (see picture below) and 770 others are arrested in protest against voter discrimination in Alabama in 1965.


Today in history,  Langston Hughes (see picture below), African-American poet was born in 1902.



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