Today in history 2/3/2017



Today in history, The Mongols (see picture below) take over Vladimir, Russia in 1238.


Today in history, The first paper money in America is issued in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1690.

Today in history, Spain recognizes the United States’ independence in 1783.

Today in history, The Greco-Turkish War breaks out. The immediate cause of the war between the Kingdom of Greece and the Ottoman Empire is the status of the Ottoman province of Crete, whose Greek majority has long desired union with Greece in 1897.

Today in history, New U.S. football rules are set: the field is shortened to 100 yds.; a touchdown counts six points instead of five; four downs are allowed instead of three; and the kickoff is moved from midfield to the 40 yd. line in 1912.

Today in history, President Calvin Coolidge (see picture below) signs a bill creating the Federal Radio Commission to regulate the airwaves in 1927.


Today in history, Millions greet Queen Elizabeth (see picture below) in Sydney on her first royal trip to Australia in 1954.


Today in history, The Soviet Luna 9 (see picture below) achieves a soft landing on the moon in 1966.


Today in history, The Environmental Protection Agency orders a ban on the pesticide EDB for grain products in 1984.


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