Today in history 2/17/2017


Today in history, At a grand feast, Philip the Good of Burgundy (see picture below) takes the “Vow of the Pheasant,” by which he swears to fight the Turks in 1454.


Today in history, Boris Godunov (see picture below), a boyar of Tarar origin, is elected czar to succeed to his brother-in-law Fydor in 1598.


Today in history, The House of Representatives breaks an electoral college tie and chooses Thomas Jefferson over Aaron Burr in 1801.

Today in history, The first issue of Harold Ross’ magazine, The New Yorker, hits the stands, selling for 15 cents a copy in 1925.

Today in history, The first color television is demonstrated at the Dominion Theatre in London in 1938.

Today in historyMartin Luther King Jr. (see picture below) is arrested in the Alabama bus boycott in 1960.


Today in history, Art by Cezanne, Gauguin, Renoir, and van Gogh, valued at $5 million, is stolen from the Municipal Museum in Milan in 1975.


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