Today in history 2/25/2017



Today in history, The British surrender the Illinois country to George Rogers Clark (see picture below) at Vincennes in 1779.


Today in history, American General Nathaniel Greene (see picture below) crosses the Dan River on his way to attack Cornwallis in 1781.


Today in history, President George Washington signs a bill creating the Bank of the United States in 1791.

Today in historyThomas Jefferson is nominated for president at the Democratic-Republican caucus in 1804.

Today in history, The Polish army halts the Russian advance into their country at the Battle of Grochow in 1831.

Today in history, J.M. Synge’s (see picture below) play Riders to the Sea opens in Dublin in 1904.


Today in history, Bell Labs introduces a new device to end the fluttering of the television image in 1928.

Today in historyU.S. troops retake the Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, where they had been defeated five days before in 1943.

Today in history, Stalin is secretly disavowed by Khrushchev at a party congress for promoting the “cult of the individual” in 1956


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