Today in history 3/4/2017



Today in history, Frederick Barbarossa (see picture below) is chosen as emperor and unites the two factions, which emerged in Germany after the death of Henry V in 1152.


Today in history, Samuel Cole (see picture below) opens the first tavern in Boston, Massachusetts in 1634.


Today in history, The first Congress of the United States meets in New York and declares that the Constitution is in effect in 1789.

Today in history, Vermont is admitted as the 14th state. It is the first addition to the original 13 colonies in 1791.

Today in historyGeorge Washington is inaugurated as President for the second time in 1793.

Today in historyThomas Jefferson becomes the first President to be inaugurated in Washington, D.C. in 1801.

Today in history, The Russian Imperial Ballet stages the first performance of “Swan Lake” in Moscow in 1877.

Today in history, Russian troops begin to retreat toward the Manchurian border as 100,000 Japanese advance in Korea in 1904.

Today in history, Doctor Fillatre of Paris, France successfully separates Siamese twins in 1914.

Today in history, Queen Elizabeth II knights Charlie Chaplin (see picture below) in 1975.



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