Today in history 3/30/2017



Today in history, Hyman L. Lipman (see picture below) of Philadelphia patents the pencil with an eraser attached on one end in 1858.

Today in history, Russian Baron Stoeckl and U.S. Secretary of State Seward complete the draft of a treaty ceding Alaska to the United States. The treaty is signed the following day in 1867.

Today in history, The 15th amendment, guaranteeing the right to vote regardless of race, passes in 1870.

Today in history, The Queensboro Bridge in New York opens. It is the first double decker bridge and links Manhattan and Queens in 1909.

Today in history, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s first collaboration, Oklahoma, opens on Broadway in 1943.

Today in history, President Harry S Truman denounces Senator Joe McCarthy as a saboteur of U.S. foreign policy in 1950.

Today in historyThe Easter Offensive begins with North Vietnamese forces cross into Demilitarized Zone of South Vietnam. The offensive is the largest since the Korean War in 1972.

Today in history, Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is bought for $39.85 million.


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