Today in history 4/11/2017



Today in history, The forces of the Holy League are heavily defeated by the French at the Battle of Ravenna in 1512.

Today in history, The Treaty of Utrecht is signed, ending the War of Spanish Succession. France cedes its Maritime provinces to Britain in 1713.

Today in history, After receiving a copy of the provisional treaty on 13 March, Congress proclaims a formal end to hostilities with Great Britain in 1783.

Today in history, American President William McKinley (see picture below) asks Congress for a declaration of war with Spain in 1898.

Today in history, German bombers blitz Coventry, England in 1941.

Today in history, President Truman fires General Douglas MacArthur (see picture below) as head of United Nations forces in Korea in 1951.

Today in history, Adolf Eichmann, Nazi Germany’s chief architect of the Holocaust in World War II, stands trial in Jerusalem on 15 charges that include war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the Jewish people. In covering the trial for The New Yorker, Hannah Arendt coins the phrase “the banality of evil” in reference to Eichmann in 1961.

Today in history, Folk singer Bob Dylan performs in New York City for the first time, opening for John Lee Hooker (see picture below) in 1961.

Today in history, President Johnson signs the 1968 Civil Rights Act in 1968.

Today in history, Forty-three African nations sign the African Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Treaty in 1996.


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