Today in history 4/25/2017


Today in history, The Sultan of Morocco launches a successful attack to capture Timbuktu in 1590.

Today in history, At the Battle of Almansa, Franco-Spanish forces defeat the Anglo-Portugese forces in 1707.

Today in history, Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe (see picture below) is published in London in 1719.

Today in history, Work begins on the Suez Canal in Egypt in 1859.

Today in history, Tokyo is opened for foreign trade in 1867.

Today in history, The United States declares war on Spain in 1898.

Today in historyThe Battle of Gallipoli begins with the major land invasion of the Gallipoli Peninsula. Encountering fierce Turkish resistance, Allied forces suffer heavy casualties and authorized evacuation begins on December 7. 480,000 Allied forces took part in the campaign at a cost of 250,000 casualties and 46,000 killed. Gallipoli goes down as one of the greatest military blunders in World War I in 1915.

Today in history, In Iran, Reza Khan is crowned Shah and chooses the name “Pahlavi” in 1926.

Today in history, A seeing eye dog is used for the first time in 1938.

Today in history, The magazine Nature publishes an article by biologists Francis Crick and James Watson (see picture below), describing the “double helix” of DNA in 1953.

Today in historyElvis Presley‘s “Heartbreak Hotel” (see picture below) goes to number one on the charts in 1956.


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