Today in history 5/6/2017


Today in history, German troops begin sacking Rome. Libraries are destroyed, the Pope is captured and thousands are killed in 1527.

Today in history, Babur defeats the Afghan Chiefs in the Battle of Ghaghra, India in 1529.

Today in historyKing Louis XIV moves his court to Versailles, France in 1682.

Today in history, U.S. Army troops from Fort Tejon and Fort Miller prepare to ride out to protect Keyesville, California, from Yokut Indian attack in 1856

Today in history, The dirigible Hindenburg (see picture below) explodes in flames at Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1937.

Today in history, Bob Hope (see picture below) gives his first USO show at California’s March Field in 1941.

Today in history, British runner Roger Bannister breaks the four minute mile in 1954.

Today in historyPresident Dwight D. Eisenhower signs the Civil Rights Act of 1960 in 1960.

Today in history,The first nuclear warhead is fired from a Polaris submarine in 1962.

Today in history, The Channel Tunnel (see picture below) linking England to France is officially opened in 1994.


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