Today in history 5/22/2017


Today in history, Henry Raspe is elected anti-king by the Rhenish prelates in France in 1246.

Today in history, The Lewis and Clark Expedition officially begins as the Corps of Discovery departs from St. Charles, Missouri in 1804.

Today in history, The “Great Train Robbery” takes place as seven members of the Reno Gang (see picture below) make off with $98,000 in cash from a train’s safe in Indiana in 1868.

Image result for Reno Gang

Today in history, The United States formally recognizes Korea in 1882.

Today in history, The Wright brothers (see picture below) register their flying machine for a U.S. patent in 1908.

Image result for Wright brothers

Today in history, The children’s program Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (see picture below) premiers in 1967.

Image result for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood 1967

Today in history, Johnny Carson’s final appearance (see picture below) on The Tonight Show on NBC, after 30 years as the program’s host in 1992.

Image result for Johnny Carson’s final appearance on the tonight show

Today in history, Following a 200-year search for the tomb of Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus his remains are reburied in Frombork Cathedral in 2010

Today in history, The Republic of Ireland, long known as a conservative, predominantly Catholic country, becomes the first nation in the world to legalize gay marriage in a public referendum in 2015.


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