Today in history 5/27/2017


Today in history,  John Calvin (see picture below),, one of the dominant figures of the Protestant Reformation, dies in Geneva in 1564.

Related image

Today in history,  Three colonists are expelled from Massachusetts for being Baptists in 1668.

Today in history,  The Bubonic Plague breaks out in San Francisco in 1907.

Today in history,  A U.S. Navy seaplane completes the first transatlantic flight in 1919.

Today in history,  San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge (see picture below) opens in 1937.

Image result for golden gate bridge opening day 1937

Today in history, The German battleship Bismarck (see picture below), is sunk by British naval and air forces in 1941.

Image result for Bismarck

Today in history, A military coup overthrows the democratic government of Turkey in 1960.

Today in history,  Construction begins on Walt Disney World (see picture below) in Florida in 1969.

Image result for Walt Disney World

Today in history,  President Richard M. Nixon and Soviet Communist Party chief Leonid Brezhnev sign an arms reduction agreement in 1972.


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