Today in history 6/2/2017


Today in history, Pope Paul III bans the enslavement of Indians in the New World in 1537.

Today in history, The Quartering Act, requiring American colonists to allow British soldiers into their houses, is reenacted in 1774.

Today in history, Maximilien Robespierre (see picture below), a member of France’s Committee on Public Safety, initiates the “Reign of Terror” in 1793.

Image result for Maximilien Robespierre Today in history, The first baseball game under electric lights is played in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1883.

Today in history, The United States grants full citizenship to American Indians in 1924.

Today in history, Jamaican-born track star Herb McKenley (see picture below) sets a new world record for the 400 yard dash in 1948.

Image result for Herb McKenley

Today in history, Elizabeth II (see picture below) is crowned queen of England at Westminster Abbey in 1953.

Image result for elizabeth ii coronation


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