Today in history 6/25/2017


Today in history, Charles the Bald and Louis the German defeat Lothar at Fontenay in 841.

Today in history, Aurangzeb proclaims himself emperor of the Moghuls in India in 1658.

Today in history, Gustave Flaubert (see picture below) goes on trial for public immorality regarding his novel, Madame Bovary in 1857.

Image result for Gustave Flaubert

Today in history, The U.S. Congress enacts legislation granting an eight-hour day to workers employed by the federal government in 1868.

Today in historyGeneral George A. Custer and over 260 men of the Seventh Cavalry are wiped out by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians at Little Bighorn in Montana in 1876.

Today in historyMarie Curie (see picture below) announces her discovery of radium in 1903.

Image result for Marie Curie

Today in history, Samuel Gompers is elected head of the American Federation of Labor for the 40th time in 1921.

Today in history, North Korea invades South Korea, beginning the Korean War in 1950

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