Today in history 7/6/2017


Today in history, Charles of Spain is elected Holy Roman emperor in Barcelona in 1519.

Today in historyJacques Cartier returns to France after discovering the St. Lawrence River in Canada in 1536.

Today in history, The entire Ottoman fleet is destroyed by the Russians at the Battle of Chesma in 1770.

Today in historyJohn Marshall, the third chief justice of the Supreme Court, dies at the age of 79. Two days later, while tolling in his honor in Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell cracks in 1835.

Today in history, The Republican Party is officially organized in Jackson, Michigan in 1854.

Today in history, Louis Pasteur (see picture below) gives the first successful anti-rabies inoculation in 1885.

Related image

Today in history, Lieutenant Jackie Robinson (see picture below) of the U.S. Army, while riding a civilian bus from Camp Hoo, Texas, refuses to give up his seat to a white man in 1944.

Image result for Lieutenant Jackie Robinson

Today in history, Operation Overcast begins in Europe–moving Austrian and German scientists and their equipment to the United States in 1945.

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