Today in history 7/12/2017


Today in history, Crusaders under Peter the Hermit (see picture below) reach Sofia in Hungary in 1096.

Image result for Peter the Hermit

Today in historyWilliam III defeats the allied Irish and French armies at the Battle of Aughrim, Ireland in 1691.

Today in history, British Admiral Lord Nelson (see picture below) loses his right eye at the siege of Calvi, in Corsica in 1794.

Image result for British Admiral Lord Nelson

Today in history, The Confederation of the Rhine is established in Germany in 1806.

Today in history, Moscow is bombed by the German Luftwaffe for the first time in 1941.

Today in historyPresident Dwight D. Eisenhower proposes a highway modernization program, with costs to be shared by federal and state governments in 1954.

Today in history, Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale chooses Geraldine Ferraro (see picture below) as his running mate in 1984.

Image result for Geraldine Ferraro

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