Today in history 7/21/2017


Today in history, Henry IV defeats the Percys in the Battle of Shrewsbury in England in 1403.

Today in history, The Peace of Breda ends the Second Anglo-Dutch War and cedes Dutch New Amsterdam to the English in 1667.

Today in history, Russia and Turkey sign the Treaty of Pruth, ending the year-long Russo-Turkish War in 1711.

Today in history, In the first major battle of the Civil WarConfederate forces defeat the Union Army along Bull Run near Manassas Junction, Virginia. The battle becomes known as Manassas by the Confederates, while the Union calls it Bull Run in 1861.

Today in historyWild Bill Hickok (see picture below) kills gunman Dave Tutt in Springfield, Missouri, in what is regarded as the first formal quick-draw duel in 1865.

Image result for Wild Bill Hickok

Today in history, The James Gang (see picture below) robs a train in Adair, Iowa in 1873.

Image result for  James Gang

Today in history, Mary Church Terrell (see picture below) founds the National Association of Colored Women in Washington, D.C. in 1896.

Image result for Mary Church Terrell

Today in historyJohn Scopes is found guilty for teaching evolution in Dayton, Tenn., and is fined $100 in 1925.

Today in history, Sirimavo Bandaranaike (see picture below) becomes the first woman prime minister of Ceylon in 1960.

Image result for Sirimavo Bandaranaike


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