Today in history 9/27/2017-10/2/2017


Today in history, Eight Chicago White Sox players (see picture below) are charged with fixing the 1919 World Series in 1920.

Image result for Eight Chicago White Sox players

Today in history, Australian forces defeat the Japanese on New Guinea in the South Pacific in 1942.

Today in history, U.S. Army and Marine troops liberate Seoul, South Korea in 1950.


Today in history, William, Duke of Normandy, soon to be known as William the Conqueror invades England in 1066.

Today in history, W.C. Handy’s “Memphis Blues” is published in 1912.

Today in history, Sir Alexander Fleming (see picture below) discovers penicillin when he notices a bacteria-killing mold growing in his laboratory; it remained for Howard Florey and Ernst Chain to isolate the active ingredient, allowing the “miracle drug” to be developed in the 1940s in 1928.

Image result for Sir Alexander Fleming 


Today in history, Congress votes to create a U.S. army in 1789.

Today in history, Union troops capture the Confederate Fort Harrison (see picture below), outside Petersburg, Virginia in 1864.

Image result for Confederate Fort Harrison

Today in history, A five-day work week is established for General Motors workers in 1932.


Today in history, Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute is performed for the first time in Vienna in 1791

Today in history, The first anesthetized tooth extraction is performed by Dr. William Morton in Charleston, Massachusetts in 1846.

Today in history, Babe Ruth (see picture below) hits his 60th home run of the season off Tom Zachary in Yankee Stadium, New York City in 1927.

Image result for  Babe Ruth


Today in history, Alexander the Great decisively shatters King Darius III’s Persian army at Gaugamela (Arbela), in a tactical masterstroke that leaves him master of the Persian Empire in 331 BC.

Today in history, Maria Mitchell (see picture below), an American astronomer, discovers a comet and is elected the same day to the American Academy of Arts—the first woman to be so honored. The King of Denmark will award her a gold medal for her discovery in 1847.

Image result for Maria Mitchell

Today in history, The Ford Model T, the first car for millions of Americans, hits the market. Over 15 million Model Ts are eventually sold, all of them black in 1908.


Today in history, Having landed in Quebec a month ago, Jacques Cartier reaches a town, which he names Montreal in 1535.

Today in history, The papal states vote in favor of union with Italy. The capital is moved from Florence to Rome in 1870.

Today in history, Thurgood Marshall (see picture below), the first African-American Supreme Court justice, is sworn in. Marshall had previously been the solicitor general, the head of the legal staff of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and a leading American civil rights lawyer in 1967.

Image result for Thurgood Marshall

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