Fan Art Friday for 6/24/2016


Here’s this week’s Fan Art Friday post. Hope you all enjoy!

“RHOSLYN – The Lost Princess” by hifarry! 😀


“Little Ahri and sona” by Azu-Chan! ^_^


“TWINS JINX” by citemer! 🙂


“Neptunia Noire sumi and watercolor” by MyCKs! 😀


2B by Koyorin! 😀

2b_ii_by_koyorin-da6o3qn (1)

Camilla by Koyorin! ^_^


Tharja from Fire Emblem by FigmentC! 🙂


FE14 – Azura conquest by polarityplus! 😀



Reflections on 2015


Well, 2015 has come to a close and it’s time for me to reflect on the year. Overall, 2015 was a good year for me.  I really enjoyed making new friends on Twitter, going to the movies with my good friend Jeff, and live tweeting Toonami every Saturday night. Twitter has been a fun experience for me, though occasionally there was some drama, but for the most part it’s been a joy. Live tweeting Toonami has once again been a highlight for me. I think my best tweets and interactions come with tweeting snarky or random things that make people laugh. I just love that. Remember, when I said that Akame ga Kill was the Game of Thrones of anime, well it premiered earlier this year on Toonami. I don’t think anybody saw it coming to the block, except me. I was one of the few who thought it would come. Low and behold, here it was. I have enjoyed seeing people’s reactions to it, especially Seryu and her “cute” dog, Kurome and her love for cookies, and Esdeath, the Ice Queen.

I remember one of my followers didn’t realize how evil Seryu and her dog were until the episode where Sheele was killed by her. He and some of my other followers were fooled by her appearance. In Akame ga Kill, no one is safe. Another series I’ve enjoyed on Toonami was Parasyte. Parasyte was one of those series where it’s just fun to troll tweet. Hearing, Hillary Haag again, in an anime was a thrill as well. I’ve actually had a blast when the voice actors would interact or live tweet with us during Toonami. Kill la Kill, SAO 2, Akame ga Kill, and Parasyte were a much better viewing experience with this interaction. I even won a prize from Sentai Filmworks during their Parasyte giveaway. I’ve become a bigger fan of Sentai because of this. The voice actors who work for them were so cool and I really appreciated that they interacted with us.

The summer time was filled with superhero movies, some old-school anime I liked, and Arkham Knight. As, I stated earlier, I went to the movies with my good friend Jeff. We saw four films: Age of Ultron, Ant Man, Fantastic 4 (yeah, I know, cringe worthy), and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Hanging out with Jeff was a blast. We enjoyed the movies we saw. Well, for the most part, we did. Fantastic 4 was such a let down that I didn’t review it like I did with Age of Ultron and Ant Man. I do plan on reviewing Star Wars: The Force Awakens next week. I’m glad I got to hang out with Jeff because he’s a cool guy and knowledgeable about anime, comics, and video games. Speaking of anime, I’m thinking of live tweeting some old-school anime in the summer. I actually did a test run in June when I watched Geobreeders and Gunsmith Cats. Live tweeting both anime was a success and I plan to do more.

Perhaps, the biggest hype for me this summer, was the conclusion to the Arkham series, Arkham Knight. Arkham Knight was huge for me as a Batman fan because it was an awesome game with a really good story and lots of action. I have enjoyed it a lot. I think the dual play and the fear take down have been the best part of the gameplay. The Batmobile was a welcome addition, but it’s overused a lot in my opinion. I do like that you can smash into stuff, take out escaping thugs, and blow up drone tanks. It’s so fun! Another thing I like, was the portrayal of the Scarecrow (played by John Noble). Noble does an awesome job of making Scarecrow creepy and menacing. Story wise, Arkham Knight was very good. The only downside was the overuse of the Batmobile. The game overall was pretty good and I highly recommend getting this if you like Batman or thrillers.

Another big that happened this year was the Bring Back MST3K Kickstarter campaign. Show creator Joel Hodgson launched the campaign in November to bring the cult show back to the airwaves. The Kickstarter was a huge success and MST3K will be back sometime in 2016. Believe it or not, I actually donated some money to this. MST3K was a large part of my childhood and when I went to my grandmother’s on the weekends, I would watch it whenever it came on. MST3K would keep me entertained for hours. I still watch it, especially during Thanksgiving time. If you ever get a chance to see the revived MST3K Turkey Day, I highly recommend it. They’re fun to watch. Even though, the new MST3K will have a new cast, I’m still going to give it a shot. I can’t wait to see how this turns out. 2016 can’t come fast enough.

On the family front, I’ve got some sad news to report. My mother’s aunt and cousin’s wife have both passed away. They’ll be missed terribly. Despite this, there is some good news to share. My sister is going to have a baby girl. Yep, that’s right, I’m going to be an uncle! The baby’s due date is in April. I’ll let everyone know on Twitter when my sister gives birth. I’ve been doing fine, though I’ve made a big decision with regards to treating my dystonia. I’m going to have Deep Brain Stimulation surgery on January 7th. I’ve been thinking about this procedure for awhile now and I decided that reducing the symptoms, even if a little, is worth trying. I’m positive things will work out and I plan to update everyone on the process.

In the end, 2015 had it’s ups and downs, but overall it was fine. I hope 2016 is even better!


Free comic book day pictures 2


Here are some awesome pictures from this years, Free Comic Book Day at the Laughing Ogre! I meant to have these posted last month, but Arkham Knight was too much fun! I will be posting up an Ant Man review in a couple of days, so look out for it. I hope everyone’s enjoying their summer!









Arkham Knight review

1427646809_batman-arkham-knightBatman has been on my brain for the last week. The reason, the much anticipated, Arkham Knight was released last week.Believe me, I’ve been hyped for this game ever since they announced that it last year. I’ve been eagerly gobbling up gameplay, reading reviews, and talking with people about the game. It has been a fun week. Arkham Knight is a fantastic game with a really good story and lots of action. I have enjoyed it a lot. I think the dual play and the fear take down have been the best part of the gameplay. The Batmobile is a welcome addition, but it’s overused in my opinion. I do like that you can smash into stuff, take out escaping thugs, and blow up drone tanks. It’s so fun! Another thing I like, is the portrayal of the Scarecrow (played by John Noble). Noble does an awesome job of making Scarecrow creepy and menacing.

There are a lot of nods to previous Batman films and lore in the game. Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Batman the Animated Series‘ episode, “Over the Edge“, and the previous Arkham games (especially, Arkham Origins) play a role in shaping the story of Arkham Knight. This is the darkest Batman game by far. There are a lot of deaths and some disturbing scenes. If you’re squeamish or don’t like suspense, then this is not the game for you. Arkham Knight likes to mess with your head. In fact, an old friend pops up from time to time, to troll you. If you know Batman, then you know who it is. Remember, what you see in the game may not necessarily be real. Look for the subtle hints. These hints will clue you in on what’s real and what’s not.

The combat in Arkham Knight is very fluid and the fear take down is so cool. Dual play adds a nice touch to beating thugs up. Basically, with dual play, you can team up with an AI character to take down a thug together or you can switch characters in the fight. The fear take down happens when you change into the new Batsuit and you can take out multiple enemies with this technique. Detective Vision allows you to reconstruct a crime like in Arkham Origins or to analyze a crime scene looking for clues. I like that they brought the enhanced detective vision from Arkham Origins into Arkham Knight. It is one of my favorite aspects of Arkham Origins. Gadgets in Arkham Knight are pretty cool and I love using them to knock out enemies or to troll them. I also love how the Batmobile can shock thugs when your driving and they get close to the car. That part always cracks me up.

The side missions and Riddler stuff in Arkham Knight are somewhat fun, but can be frustrating in my opinion. Trying to capture Firefly is somewhat a pain, but still enjoyable to do. The Penguin gun running mission allows you to dual play with Nightwing, which is why it’s my favorite side mission in the game. The Perfect Crime and Man Bat side missions are the creepiest in the game. Man Bat has a nice jump scare moment and the Perfect Crime has you investigating some bizarre murders. Other side missions have you rescuing fire fighters or taking out the Arkham Knight’s bombs in Gotham. The Riddler missions can be somewhat tedious, especially since you need to complete the Batmobile gauntlet, in order to free Catwoman. The side missions and Riddler stuff are not that bad. They just take time and patience to complete.

The Arkham Knight, himself, was kind of a let down, as a character. It was kind of obvious who he was as the game progresses. I kind of feel like the character should have been more original like he was intended to be. The Arkham Knight’s identity doesn’t hurt my overall view of the game, but I found this aspect to be weak. I do, however, applaud Rocksteady for making the overall story dark and moody. The voice cast is perfect as well. I love Kevin Conroy as Batman and Troy Baker as the Arkham Knight and Two Face. Ashley Greene (Barbara Gordon), Jonathan Banks (Commissioner Gordon), Matthew Mercer (Robin), Grey Griffin (Catwoman), Scott Porter (Nightwing), Martin Jarvis (Alfred), Duane R. Shepard Sr. (Aaron Cash), and Dave Fennoy  (Lucius Fox) did great as Batman’s allies in the game. Nolan North (The Penguin), Tara Strong (Harley Quinn), Wally Wingert (The Riddler), Tasia Valenza (Poison Ivy), Crispin Freeman (Firefly), Steve Blum (thugs, militia), and Patrick Seitz (thugs, militia) are awesome as the various villains that Batman and his allies must tangle with. 

Overall, Arkham Knight is a great game. What would make it better is if Rocksteady released some challenge maps like in the previous games. A lot of fans from what I hear are disappointed with this decision not to have challenge maps. I hope Rocksteady includes them in the season pass or I fear a backlash from the gaming community. Story wise, Arkham Knight is very good. The only downside is the 100 percent ending. The 100 percent ending is too predictable and cliché, while the normal ending is a lot stronger in my opinion. Despite, some of these weaknesses, the game overall is solid and I highly recommend getting this if you like Batman or thrillers. In the end, I give Arkham Knight, a 9.5 out of 10.

Thoughts on the Arkham series


“Always defending the weak and the helpless. That’s what I like about you. You’re predictable. And that’s why we’re gonna win. We know your move before you do. We know how you think!” This quote comes from the Arkam Knight, a new villain being introduced in the next Batman game, Arkham Knight (June 2, 2015). For fun, I thought about discussing the previous three Arkham games and offering my reflections and reactions to when I played them.

When, I first heard about Arkham Asylum, it was in the fall of 2009. I had no idea what to expect from the game and I remember earlier Batman games being terrible or just ok, so before deciding to buy the game, I watched some gameplay videos on YouTube. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was a really good game and I enjoyed watching how people played it. I knew right there, I needed an Xbox 360 or PS3. Sadly, there was a little delay in getting the console for about a year, but nonetheless, I was able to get one and play Arkham Asylum for myself.

Arkham Asylum, I must took a little time to adjust because my neurological condition would act up at times and it would affect my gameplay style. Once, I got used to playing, Arkham Asylum became fun and it’s the only game I ever beaten on easy, normal, and hard. Believe me, I was stoked when I finally defeated the Joker on hard mode! It was a relief! Story wise, I think Arkham Asylum is the best in the series. I like the creepy undertones and the Scarecrow missions were my favorite parts of the game. Mark HamillKevin Conroy, Arleen Sorkin, Wally Wingert, and Steve Blum were incredible in this game. The only flaw I found in Arkham Asylum was the lack of distinction among the thugs and the tedious backtracking you had to do at times, but overall, Arkham Asylum was a great Batman game.

While, Arkham Aslyum was a great Batman game, Arkham City was even better. Dare, I say, the best Batman game to date! You bet! Arkham City had a larger environment, more thugs to battle, more Riddler trophies to collect, and you got to play as Catwoman! I had a lot of fun with this game and I’ve played through it the most out of all the Arkham games. I love the fact that most of Batman’s rogues appear in Arkam City, even Ra’s al Ghul! Mark Hamill kills it as the Joker and Kevin Conroy is still the definitive voice of Batman to me. Sadly, Arleen Sorkin did not return as Harley Quinn, but Tara Strong stepped in and did a good job as Harley. Nolan North as the Penguin was cool too and Troy Baker playing Two-Face and Robin was also a nice touch.

I must admit, like Arkham Asylum, I watched gameplay of Arkham City, so when I got the game for Christmas, I knew what happened to the Joker. It was a sad moment for me because Mark Hamill had announced he was retiring as the Joker and with the ending of Arkham City, it made it even more bitter sweet. Overall, Arkham City was a near perfect game for me, the only flaw is how painstakingly long it is to do the Riddler Challenges. They can be tricky. And, don’t get me started on the Riddler rooms! They are annoying!

Now that we talked about the best Batman game, let’s turn to Arkham Origins. Arkham Origins was not a bad game, in fact, I loved the boss battles and the enhanced Detective Vision, the only problem with it was the glitches that popped up when the game first launched. Some of the glitches were minor and little annoying, but nothing too major. One glitch, made me crack up because I was fighting Bane and he hit me as Batman through a window and Batman fell out the window and kept falling until I fell through the game into a black void. The sheer stupidity of it was laughable.

Story wise, Arkham Origins is kind of rushed and I felt they tried to pack too much into one game. Character wise, Arkham Origins was good. I found the Alfred as a father figure to Bruce to be very compelling and powerful. It was told really well in my mind. Batman’s meeting with the Joker in this game was another aspect I like, though it was disappointing how it was revealed. But, Roger Craig Smith (playing a younger more angry Batman) and Troy Baker (taking over for Mark Hamill as the Joker) were great in their respective roles. Kelly Hu, playing as Lady Shiva, was interesting and Crispin Freeman as Firefly was just awesome.

Gameplay wise, Arkham Origins was my favorite of the Arkham series because the boss battles were improved and the enhanced Detective Vision gave us a better glimpse into how Batman’s mind works. The Deathstroke and Bane battles were the toughest in the game. I’ve died to Bane a lot. My favorite boss battle was with Firefly. I loved how explosive it was, pardon the pun.  The Remote Claw and Shock Gloves were very fun items to use in the game.  In a way, they made Batman even more powered up, especially in fights with lots of thugs. In the end, Arkham Origins was a good game with some technical glitches and a rushed story.

As Arkham Knight’s release date gets closer, I know I’ll be excited to play it. I really hope it is a good game. From, the visuals I’ve seen, it looks amazing and may be the definitive Batman game, but only time will tell. Playing the Arkham series has been a blast and if you have the time to play, I highly recommend it.