Today in history 4/16/2020


Today in history, Pelagius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope in 556.

Today in history, The Norman Robert Guiscard takes Bari, ending five centuries of Byzantine rule in southern Italy in 1065.

Today in history, Queen Anne of England knights Isaac Newton in 1705.

Today in history, San Salvador is destroyed by an earthquake in 1854.

Today in historySlavery is abolished in the District of Columbia in 1862.

Today in history, Vladimir Lenin (see picture below) returns to Russia to start the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

Today in history, Annie Oakley (see picture below) shoots 100 clay targets in a row, setting a woman’s record in 1922.

Today in history, The Island of Malta is awarded the George Cross in recognition for heroism under constant German air attack. It was the first such award given to any part of the British Commonwealth in 1942.

Today in history, A lens which provides zoom effects is demonstrated in New York City in 1947.

Today in history, Two giants pandas arrive in the U.S. from China in 1972.

Today in history 4/9/2020


Today in history, In the Balkans, the distinguished soldier Septimius Severus is proclaimed emperor by the army in Illyricum in 193.

Today in history, Constantine ends his reign as Catholic Pope in 715.

Today in history, In the Battle of Liegnitz, Mongol armies defeat Poles and Germans in 1241.

Today in history, The city states of Venice, Milan and Florence sign a peace agreement at Lodi, Italy in 1454.

Today in history, Robert La Salle claims lower Mississippi River and all lands that touch it for France in 1682.

Today in history, Captain James Cook discovers Botany Bay on the Australian continent in 1770.

Today in history, Russo-Polish conflict ends with signing of the Riga Treaty in 1921.

Today in history, Comedian Bob Hope (see picture below) makes his first television appearance in 1950.

Today in historyWinston Churchill becomes the first honorary U.S. citizen in 1963.

Today in history,  The statue of Winston Churchill (see picture below) is dedicated at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C. in 1966.

Today in history 3/25/2020


Today in history, Constantine (see picture below) begins his reign as Catholic Pope in 708.

Today in history, Lord Baltimore founds the Catholic colony of Maryland in 1634.

Today in history, Puritans jail Governor Stone after a military victory over Catholic forces in the colony of Maryland in 1655.

Today in history, The first horse race in America takes place in 1668.

Today in history, The Continental Congress authorizes a medal for General George Washington in 1776.

Today in history, British Parliament abolishes the slave trade in 1807.

Today in history, Japan invades the kingdom of Liuqiu (Ryukyu) Islands, formerly a vassal of China in 1879.

Today in history, The first submarine disaster occurs when a U.S. F-4 sinks off the Hawaiian coast in 1915.

Today in history, RCA manufactures its first color TV set and begins mass production in 1954.

Today in historyMartin Luther King Jr.  (see picture below) leads a group of 25,000 to the state capital in Montgomery, Ala. in 1965.

Today in history, The Concorde makes its first supersonic flight in 1970.

Today in history 3/13/2020


Today in history, St. Felix begins his reign as Catholic Pope in 483.

Today in history, The 12th recorded passage of Halley’s Comet occurs in 607.

Today in history, Hernando Cortez lands in what will become Mexico in 1519.

Today in history, Astronomer William Herschel (see picture below) discovers the planet Uranus, which he names ‘Georgium Sidus,’ in honor of King George III in 1781.

Today in history, Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin in 1793.

Today in history, A three-thousand-year-old archive is found in Jerusalem confirming biblical history in 1935.

Today in history, Julia Flikke (see picture below) of the Nurse Corps becomes the first woman colonel in the U.S. Army in 1942.

Today in history, The FBI arrests Jimmy Hoffa on bribery charges in 1957.

Today in history, Upon the death of Konstantin Chernenko, Mikhail Gorbachev becomes the new leader of the Soviet Union in 1985.

Today in history 5/12/2017


Today in history, St. Stephen I begins his reign as Catholic Pope in 254.

Today in history, King Henry III flees Paris after Henry of Guise triumphantly enters the city in 1588.

Today in history, The Continental Army surrenders Charleston, South Carolina, to British forces in its largest defeat of the Revolutionary War in 1780.

Today in history, The Tule River War ends in 1851.

Today in history, The last land battle of the Civil war occurs at Palmito Ranch, Texas. It is a Confederate victory in 1865.

Today in history, The Airship Norge (see picture below) becomes the first vessel to fly over the North Pole in 1926.

Today in history, Alcoholics Anonymous is founded in Akron, Ohio by “Bill W.,” a stockbroker, and “Dr. Bob S.,” a heart surgeon in 1935.

Today in history, The Berlin Blockade ends in 1949.