Today in history 2/10/2020

Today in history, Hulagu, a Mongol leader, seizes Baghdad, bringing an end to the Abbasid caliphate in 1258.

Today in history, Supporters of Marie de Medici, the queen mother, who has been exiled to Blois, are defeated by the king’s troops at Ponts de Ce, France in 1620.

Today in history, The Treaty of Paris ends the French-Indian War. France gives up all her territories in the New World except New Orleans and a few scattered islands in 1763.

Today in history, Napoleon Bonaparte leaves Cairo, Egypt, for Syria, at the head of 13,000 men in 1799.

Today in history, Napoleon personally directs lightning strikes against enemy columns advancing toward Paris, beginning with a victory over the Russians at Champaubert in 1814.

Today in history, Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert in 1840.

Today in history, Led by religious leader Brigham Young, the first Mormons begin a long westward exodus from Nauvoo, Il., to Utah in 1846.

Today in history, Russia and Japan declare war on each other in 1904.

Today in history, Iceland is attacked by German planes in 1941.

Today in history, London severs diplomatic relations with Romania in 1941.

Today in history, The war halts civilian car production at Ford in 1942.

Today in history, The Metropolitan Museum announces the first major theft in its 110-year history, $150,000 Greek marble head in 1979.

Today in history 1/20/2020

Today in history, Edward II of England is deposed by his eldest son, Edward III in 1327.

Today in history, The French explorer Samuel de Champlain arrives to winter in a Huron Indian village after being wounded in a battle with Iroquois in New France in 1616.

Today in history, Britain signs a peace agreement with France and Spain, who allied against it in the American War of Independence in 1783.

Today in history, Charles Lindbergh arrives in New York, setting a cross country flying record of 14.75 hours in 1930.

Today in history, Hitler meets with Mussolini and offers aid in Albania and Greece in 1941.

Today in history, Allied forces in Italy begin unsuccessful operations to cross the Rapido River and seize Cassino in 1944.

Today in history, The Allies sign a truce with the Hungarians in 1945.

Today in history, Franklin D. Roosevelt is inaugurated for his fourth term in 1945.

Today in history, British troops occupy Ismalia, Egypt in 1952.

Today in history, Ronald Reagan is sworn in as president at the same time 52 American hostages are released from their captors in Tehran, Iran in 1981.

Today in history 7/25/2017


Today in history, Emperor Constantine refuses to carry out traditional pagan sacrifices in 326.

Today in history, Maximilian II becomes emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1564.

Today in history, Hideyoshi (see picture below) bans Christianity in Japan and orders all Christians to leave in 1587.

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Today in history, On his way back from Syria, Napoleon Bonaparte defeats the Ottomans at Aboukir, Egypt in 1799.

Today in history, China grants Belgium equal trading rights with Britain, France and the United States in 1845.

Today in historyPresident Andrew Johnson signs an act creating the territory of Wyoming in 1867.

Today in history, The Crittenden Resolution, calling for the American Civil War to be fought to preserve the Union and not for slavery, is passed by Congress in 1861.

Today in history, French aviator Louis Bleriot (see picture below) becomes the first man to fly across the English Channel in an airplane in 1909.

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Today in history, Svetlana Savitskaya (see picture below) becomes first woman to perform a space walk in 1984.

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Today in history 7/17/2017


Today in history, France defeats England at Castillon, France, ending the Hundred Years’ War in 1453.

Today in history, Ottoman forces, supported by the British, capture Aboukir, Egypt from the French in 1799.

Today in history, The U.S. fleet arrives in Tripoli in 1801.

Today in historyNapoleon Bonaparte (see picture below) surrenders to the British at Rochefort, France in 1815.

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Today in history, U.S. troops under General William R. Shafter (see picture below) take Santiago de Cuba during the Spanish-American War in 1898.

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Today in history, Chinese communists attack the Nationalist army on the Yangtze River in 1946.

Today in history 7/1/2017


Today in history, Vespasian, a Roman army leader, is hailed as a Roman emperor by the Egyptian legions in 69.

Today in history, England and Scotland sign the Peace of Greenwich in 1543.

Today in historyNapoleon Bonaparte takes Alexandria, Egypt in 1798.

Today in history, Charles Darwin (see picture below) presents a paper on his theory of evolution to the Linnean Society in London in 1838.

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Today in history, The Battle of the Somme (see picture below) begins. Approximately 30,000 men are killed on the first day, two-thirds of them British in 1916.

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Today in history, The New York State Commission Against Discrimination is established–the first such agency in the United States in 1945.

Today in history, The U.S. postmaster introduces the ZIP code in 1963.