Today in history 8/10/2017


Today in history, King Francis of France declares that all official documents are to be written in French, not Latin in 1539.

Today in history, Louis XVI of France is arrested and taken into custody as his Swiss Guards are massacred by a Parisian mob in an assault that will become known as the Storming of the Tuileries Palace. The insurrection will be one of the defining events in the history of the French Revolution in 1772.

Today in history, William Driver (see picture below) of Salem, Massachusetts, is the first to use the term “Old Glory” in connection with the American flag, when he gives that name to a large flag aboard his ship, the Charles Daggett in 1831.

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Today in history, The Smithsonian Institution is established in Washington through the bequest of James Smithson (see picture below) in 1846.

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Today in history, The House of Lords in Great Britain gives up its veto power, making the House of Commons the more powerful House in 1911.

Today in history, The National Military Establishment is renamed the Department of Defense in 1949.

Today in history, NASA launches Discoverer 13 (see picture below), a satellite; it would become the first object ever recovered from orbit in 1960.

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Today in history, The last British troops leave Hong Kong. After 156 years of British rule, the island is returned to China in 1997.


Today in history 8/4/2017


Today in history, King Henry III (see picture below) puts down a revolt of English barons lead by Simon de Montfort in 1265.

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Today in history, The Constituent Assembly in France abolishes the privileges of nobility in 1789.

Today in history, The Revenue Cutter service, the parent service of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, is organized in 1790.

Today in history, Germany invades Belgium causing Great Britain to declare war on Germany in 1914.

Today in history, Helicopters from the U.S. Air Force Air Rescue Service land in Germany, completing the first transatlantic flight by helicopter in 51 hours and 55 minutes of flight time in 1952.

Today in history, The U.S. launches the first satellite into lunar orbit from a manned spacecraft (Apollo 15) in 1971.

Today in history 5/3/2017


Today in history, Pope Gelasius asserts that his authority is superior to Emperor Anastasius in 495.

Today in history, Macon B. Allen (see picture below) becomes the first African American to be admitted to the Bar in Massachusetts in 1855.

Today in history, France declares war on Austria in 1859.

Today in history, The Battle of Chancellorsville rages for a second day in 1863.

Today in history, U.S. Marines land in Nicaragua in 1926.

Today in history, The first airplane lands at the geographic North Pole in 1952.

Today in history, Margaret Thatcher (see picture below) becomes the first woman prime minister of Great Britain in 1979.

Today in history, A British submarine sinks Argentina’s only cruiser during the Falkland Islands War in 1982.