Anime Wednesday for 2/26/2020

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Here’s this week’s Anime Wednesday post. Hope you all enjoy!

Harley Freakin’ Quinn by datcravat! 😀

R.E.D [1/3] by Elwenz! 😀

[BNHA/MHA x MMD] Tda Todoroki Shoto DL by Zakuro-Spice! 😀

Cosplay Japan expo by KOFFEL! 😀

Cosplay : Kamui gakupo 2 by yuegene! 😀


Kuzomari videos:

Birds of Prey Review

Hey everyone, tonight’s Morsecast is my review and thoughts on Birds of Prey. I hope you enjoy!

Check out Jeff’s review here:

Birds of Prey and DCEU talk

Here are thoughts on the new Birds of Prey trailer, the DCEU, Joker, the new Batman game, and future DCEU films, I hope you all enjoy!

Check out the 2nd Birds of Prey trailer here.

Fan Art Friday for 6/30/2017


Here’s this week’s Fan Art Friday post. Hope you all enjoy!

Lookie who I caught!! by Trevor911! 😀

Zatanna by Fires-storm! ^_^

Starfire by XenonVincentLegend! 🙂

Raven by Neyaira! 😀

Wonder Woman by Tiramizsu! 😀

Batwoman Practice by Cadhla182! ^_^

Batgirl original design by LyceeauxsecretsNarut! 🙂

Katana by MelancholyBluebell! 😀

Cosplay Wednesday for 6/28/2017


Here’s this week’s Cosplay Wednesday post! Hope you all enjoy!

Cosplay Monday With Power Girl Alyssa Loughran by zenx007! 😀

Black Canary’s Collection by SovietMentality! ^_^

Harley Quinn (Rebirth) 6 by ThePuddins! 🙂

Catwoman by Vasiliell! 😀

DC Comics – Poison Ivy (Redesign) by FenvariaFortescue! 😀

”You still have feelings for him.” by AnanasPolipante! ^_^

Batgirl Hero by KRThompsonART! 🙂

2017.01.06 Fotoshooting Lord Karpador Cosplay by xKeno! 😀