Fan Art Friday for 2/24/2020-3/1/2020

Here’s this week’s Fan Art Friday post. Hope you all enjoy!

Thoughts by Axsens! 😀

Jeanne Alter by theDURRRRIAN! 😀

Bendy and Pennywise by fnafmangl! 😀

Pattern: Grass Starters by Clovenfawn! 😀

Disney Evolutions All Stars by Ry-Spirit! 😀

Faraway Galaxy by Qinni! 😀

LethalChris Drawing videos:

Qinniart videos:

E-Lesson: Learn to draw anime with Japanese Artists


Hey everyone, I’ve just learned of this cool project from JCCD Studio where they want to teach people with English subtitles how to draw illustrations in anime style. They need your help though to get this project up and running. Please, if you can, consider going to their Kickstarter page and contribute. If you can’t contribute money, then please share with your friends or people you think might be interested in learning how to draw in anime. The campaign ends on May 23rd and so far, they have raised $7,838 out of $10,000. Let’s help them reach their goal!