Fan Art Friday for 2/3/2020-2/9/2020

Here’s this week’s Fan Art Friday post. Hope you all enjoy!

Into the unknown by thefirstfleet! 😀

Star Force Megaman Render by VEXIKKU! 😀

Weapon of The Faithful (Speedpaint) by Klanczek! 😀

Samurai Kylo Ren and Rey Ink and Watercolor by MyCKs! 😀

Wonder Woman by ChrissieZullo! 😀

6-2- (2) render by Diablo7707! 😀

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Fan Art Friday for 1/27/2020-2/2/2020

Here’s this week’s Fan Art Friday post. Hope you all enjoy!

Leonardo and Valena by KodamaCreative! 😀

Cassandra Blue Mode by XJKenny! 😀

Commission: Wind Lady by kgfantasy! 😀

Mum squad by Palettepainter! 😀

013120 by DRabbitz! 😀

Miss Kitty by OlchaS! 😀

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Reacting to Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 2

Hey guys, today’s Morsecast is me reacting to episode 2 of Team Four Stars’ legendary abridged series, Dragon Ball Z Abridged. I hope you enjoy!

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A look back at Otakon 2019

Now, that I’ve talked about Otakon in 2017 and 2018, it’s time to discuss last year’s convention experience. First, Jeff and I decided to plan things out a little more and attend actual panels instead of just waiting in line for signatures or being in the Dealer’s Room for the whole convention. Don’t get me wrong, we still stood in line and got signatures, but we wanted to experience new things and get out of our comfort zones.

We got to see the Video Games Room for the first time and saw, Chikahiro Kobayashi from, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” do a live recording scene; it was awesome! We also watched the Gunsmith Cats OVA, the first episode of NG Knight Ramune/Lamune, the first Project AKO OVA, and the first 3 episodes of Slayers. All in all, a pretty good time, but wait there’s more.

Jeff and I got to meet one of favorite voice actors, Richard Epcar and his lovely wife, Ellyn Stern. This was especially important to me because when I was younger, my sister and I would watch Digimon together and Richard played one of our favorite villains, Myotismon. It meant a lot to me, especially since he gave me a Ghost in the Shell shirt after getting him to sign Jigen from Lupin the 3rd. Ellyn was the nicest and she signed a picture of Ichigo’s mom for me. This was, in my opinion, the luckiest we ever had at getting autographs with voice actors because we were literally in the first group to meet them and we were only in line for about an hour! I don’t think we’ll ever top that!

Next, I got to meet Erika Harlacher, and she was so kind to sign my Otakon badge because her credit card reader was broken; I was originally going to her to sign a picture of Anne. Despite that, I was still excited to have met her.  Jeff actually got Chikahiro Kobayashi’s autograph as he got a special ticket to allow him to get his signature. We both were going to get Elizabeth Maxwell‘s and Jason Liebrecht‘s autographs but we’re pressing it because the Dealer’s Room was going to close at 3 and there was an older gentleman talking with Elizabeth and Jeff decided to bail out (he got Erika’s signature really quickly and enjoyed meeting her too), while I stayed in line and got lucky enough to get bumped ahead by 2 girls because they wanted to get Jason’s autograph, so I was able to get both signatures (I got Elizabeth to sign a picture of Cauliflafrom Dragon Ball Super and for Jason, I got him to sign Champa, also from Dragon Ball Super) in the nick of time! Talk about being lucky again!

Otakon 2019 was awesome and I can’t wait until later this year, when Jeff and I return for another 3 days of anime fun!

Now without further delay, I give you some of the sights I saw at Otakon in 2019.

The line into Otakon.

Mascots, Pikachus, and Deadpool, oh my!

Saw the gaming room for the first time.

Met and got autographs from Richard Epcar, Ellyn Stern, Erika Harlacher, Elizabeth Maxwell, and Jason Liebrecht.

The That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime screening.

Uncle Ben! Noooooo! 😅😂🤣


Anime we watched at Otakon.

Deku’s here in his new Plus Ultra.


Received a free City Hunter poster.


Cool sights at Otakon.

Some of the cool plushies in the Dealer’s Room, including some cool Asian fans.

Me with Pop Team Epic.


All the cool stuff I bought at Otakon, including Pop Funko Vegeta from Dragon Ball Zsome Lupin the 3rd movies, Umaru, Pikachu plushie, and a Neko plushie for my niece Layla.

I took this Gunsmith Cats Opening at Otakon 2019.

Check out the 2019 closing reel from Otakon. For 2020’s Otakon, I hope to have more videos to show you guys.

Fan Art Friday for 1/20/2020-1/26/2020

Here’s this week’s Fan Art Friday post. Hope you all enjoy!

Gem – Commission by Ausp-ice! 😀

[comm] STRQ by 10Juu! 😀

Valiant Sword Riven by LauSerpentigena! 😀

Space fight by Hokunin! 😀

Sketch | trade by Haskiens! 😀

COMMISSION: Erza Ataraxia Armor by Shono! 😀

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