Today in history 7/7/2017


Today in history, A Spanish force invading Georgia runs headlong into the colony’s British defenders. The battle decides the fate of a colony in 1742.

Today in history, Thomas Paine (see picture below) defends the principal of universal suffrage at the Constitutional Convention in Paris in 1795.

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Today in history, After defeating Napoleon at Waterloo, the victorious Allies march into Paris in 1815.

Today in history, Japan opens its ports to trade with the West after trade with the West in 1853.

Today in history, Christopher Stone (see picture below) becomes the first British ‘disc jockey’ when he plays records for the BBC in 1927.

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Today in history, The U.S. Marine Corps launches Operation Hasting to drive the North Vietnamese Army back across the Demilitarized Zone in Vietnam in 1966.

Today in historySandra Day O’Connor (see picture below) becomes the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court in 1981.

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Today in history 6/16/2017


Today in historyRome is sacked by the Vandal army in 455.

Today in historyNapoleon defeats the Prussians at the Battle of Ligny in 1815.

Today in history, The Russian czar dissolves the Duma in St. Petersburg in 1907.

Today in history, The first Father’s Day is celebrated in Spokane, Washington in 1910.

Today in history, President Franklin Roosevelt‘s New Deal legislation is passed by the House of Representatives in 1935.

Today in historyAnne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl (see picture below) is published in the United States in 1952.

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Today in history, Ballet star Rudolf Nureyev (see picture below) defects from the Soviet Union while in Paris in 1961.

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Today in history, Leonid Brezhnev is named president of the Soviet Union in 1977.

Today in history 5/15/2017


Today in history, Abd-al-Rahman is proclaimed emir of Cordoba, Spain in 756.

Today in history, King John submits to the Pope, offering to make England and Ireland papal fiefs. Pope Innocent III lifts the interdict of 1208 in 1213.

Today in history, English navigator Bartholomew Gosnold discovers Cape Cod in 1602.

Today in history, Johannes Kepler (see picture below) discovers his harmonics law in 1618.

Today in historyNapoleon enters the Lombardian capital of Milan in triumph in 1795.

Today in history, The U.S. Congress designates the slave trade a form of piracy in 1820.

Today in history, At the Battle of New Market, Virginia Military Institute cadets repel a Union attack in 1864.

Today in history, Pfc. Henry Johnson and Pfc. Needham Roberts (see picture below) receive the Croix de Guerre for their services in World War I. They are the first Americans to win France’s highest military medal in 1918.

Today in history, Ellen Church (see picture below) becomes the first airline stewardess in 1930.

Today in historySputnik III is launched by the Soviet Union in 1958.

Today in history, The last Project Mercury space flight, carrying Gordon Cooper, is launched in 1963.

Today in history 5/2/2017


Today in history, The Hudson Bay Company is founded in 1670.

Today in history, Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle ends the War of Devolution in France in 1748.

Today in history, Napoleon (see picture below) defeats a Russian and Prussian army at Grossgorschen in 1813.

Napoleon Bonaparte. Portarit of Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821 at the battle. Detail of a painting by Joseph Chabord 1786-1848. Museo Napoleonico, Rome Italy

Today in historyStonewall Jackson (see picture below) smashes Joseph Hooker’s flank at Chancellorsville, Virginia in 1863.

Today in history, King Leopold II of Belgium establishes the Congo Free State in 1885.

Today in history, The Territory of Oklahoma is created in 1890.

Today in history, The first U.S. air passenger service starts in 1919.

Today in history, Lieutenants Oakley Kelly and John Macready take off from New York for the West Coast on what will become the first successful nonstop transcontinental flight in 1923.

Today in history, Prisoners revolt at California’s Alcatraz prison in 1946.

Today in history, Student anti-war protesters at Ohio’s Kent State University burn down the campus ROTC building. The National Guard takes control of campus in 1970.

Today in history 2/26/2017



Today in history, On the death of Jovian, a conference at Nicaea chooses Valentinan, an army officer who was born in the central European region of Pannania, to succeed him in Asia Minor in 364.

Today in history, William the Bad (see picture below) succeeds his father, Roger the II, in Sicily in 1154.


Today in historyNapoleon and 1,200 of his men leave Elba to start the 100-day re-conquest of France in 1815.

Today in history, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels (see picture below) publish The Communist Manifesto in London in 1848.


Today in history, Russian aviator Igor Sikorsky carries 17 passengers in a twin engine plane in St. Petersburg in 1914.

Today in history, Ground is broken for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in 1933.

Today in history, Japanese military troops march into Tokyo to conduct a coup and assassinate political leaders in 1936.

Today in history, The 22nd Amendment is added to the Constitution limiting the Presidency to two terms in 1951.

Today in history, Soviets recover Luna 20 with a cargo of moon rocks in 1972.