Today in history 7/18/2017


Today in history, Robespierre, a deputy from Arras, France, decides to back the French Revolution in 1789.

Today in history, Uruguay adopts a liberal constitution in 1830.

Today in historyUnion and Confederate troops skirmish at Blackburn’s Ford, Virginia, in a prelude to the Battle of Bull Run in 1861.

Today in history, Inventor Thomas Edison (see picture below) records the human voice for the first time in 1877.

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Today in history, General Francisco Franco (see picture below) of Spain revolts against the Republican government, starting the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

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Today in history, The German Me-262, the first jet-propelled aircraft to fly in combat, makes its first flight in 1942.

Today in history 7/14/2017


Today in history, Hungarians defeat the Ottomans at the Battle of Belgrade, in present-day Yugoslavia in 1456.

Today in history, France and Portugal sign the Treaty of Lyons, aligning themselves against Spain in 1536.

Today in history, The Bastille, a fortress in Paris used to hold political prisoners, is stormed by a mob in 1789.

Today in history, European Allies retake Tientsin, China, from the rebelling Boxers in 1900.

Today in history, Howard Hughes (see picture below) and crew set a new world record for an around-the-world flight in 1938.

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Today in history, The George Washington Carver National Monument (see picture below) in Joplin, Missouri becomes the first national park honoring an African American in 1951.

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Today in history 6/29/2017


Today in history, Ferdinand III (see picture below) of Castile and Leon take Cordoba in Spain in 1236.

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Today in history, Massachusetts declares itself an independent commonwealth in 1652.

Today in history, France annexes Tahiti in 1880.

Today in history, The Ukraine proclaims independence from Russia in 1917.

Today in history, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, and Olympic National Park, Washington, are founded in 1938.

Today in historyPresident Harry S. Truman (see picture below) authorizes a sea blockade of Korea in 1950.

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Today in history, Israel removes barricades, re-unifying Jerusalem in 1967.

Today in history 6/3/2017


Today in history, Christian Crusaders of the First Crusade seize Antioch, Turkey in 1098.

Today in history, Hernando De Soto claims Florida for Spain in 1539.

Today in history, The classic baseball poem “Casey at the Bat,” written by Ernest L. Thayer (see picture below), is published in the San Francisco Examiner in 1888.

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Today in history, The Finnish Parliament ratifies a treaty with Germany in 1918.

Today in history, The German Luftwaffe hits Paris with 1,100 bombs in 1940.

Today in history, Astronaut Edward White (see picture below) becomes the first American to walk in space when he exits the Gemini 4 space capsule in 1965.

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Today in history, The Chinese government begins its crackdown on pro-democracy activists in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square (see picture below). Hundreds are killed and thousands are arrested in 1989.

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Today in history 5/25/2017


Today in history, Thales of Greece makes the first known prediction of a solar eclipse in 585 BC.

Today in history, Alfonso VI takes Toledo, Spain from the Muslims in 1085.

Today in history, The Constitutional convention opens at Philadelphia with George Washington presiding in 1787.

Today in history, Argentina declares independence from Napoleonic Spain in 1810.

Today in history, The British House of Commons passes Irish Home Rule in 1914.

Today in historyJohn Scopes (see picture below) is indicted for teaching Darwinian theory in school in 1925.

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Today in historyJesse Owens (see picture below) sets six world records in less than an hour in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1935.

Today in history, The first atomic cannon is fired in Nevada in 1953.