Today in history 6/13/2017


Today in history, The Marquis de Lafayette (see picture below) arrives in the American colonies to help in their rebellion against Britain in 1777.

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Today in history, Confederate forces on their way to Gettysburg clash with Union troops at the Second Battle of Winchester, Virginia in 1863.

Today in history, The U.S. Post Office Department rules that children may not be sent by parcel post in 1920.

Today in history, German spies land on Long Island, New York, and are soon captured in 1943.

Today in historyThe New York Times begins publishing the Pentagon Papers in 1971.

Today in historyPioneer 10 (see picture below), already in space for 11 years, leaves the solar system in 1983.

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Today in history 6/8/2017



Today in history, Attila the Hun (see picture below) invades Italy in 452.

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Today in history, The Vikings raid the Northumbrian coast of England in 793.

Today in history, The Army of the Potomac defeats Confederate forces at Battle of Cross Keys, Virginia in 1862.

Today in history, U.S. Marines land in Tangiers, Morocco, to protect U.S. citizens in 1904.

Today in history, King Edward VII of England visits Czar Nicholas II of Russia (see picture below) in an effort to improve relations between the two countries in 1908.

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Today in history, The Supreme Court forbids segregated lunch counters in Washington, D.C. in 1953.

Today in history, President Lyndon Johnson (see picture below) authorizes commanders in Vietnam to commit U.S. ground forces to combat in 1965.

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Today in history 5/24/2017


Today in history, Nicolaus Copernicus (see picture below) publishes proof of a sun-centered solar system. He dies just after publication in 1543.

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Today in history, Captain Christopher Newport (see picture below) and 105 followers found the colony of Jamestown at the mouth of the James River on the coast of Virginia in 1607.

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Today in history, The Methodist Church is established in 1738.

Today in history, Samuel Morse (see picture below) taps out the first telegraph message in 1844.

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Today in history, The first American bicycle race is held in Boston in 1878.

Today in history, Amy Johnson (see picture below) becomes the first woman to fly from England to Australia in 1930.

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Today in history, Willie Mays (see picture below) begins playing for the New York Giants in 1951.

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Today in history 5/23/2017


Today in history, The Thirty Years War begins in 1618.

Today in history, Captain William Kidd, the Scottish pirate, is hanged on the banks of the Thames in 1701.

Today in historyBenjamin Franklin (see picture below) announces his invention of bifocals in 1785.

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Today in history, South Carolina becomes the eighth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1788.

Today in history, Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson (see picture below) takes Front Royal, Virginia in 1862.

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Today in history, Civil War hero Sgt. William H. Carney (see picture below) becomes the first African American to receive the Medal of Honor, thirty-seven years after the Battle of Fort Wagner in 1900.

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Today in history, Gangsters Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow (see picture below) are killed by Texas Rangers in 1934.

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Today in history, Israel announces the capture of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1960.

Today in history 5/19/2017


Today in history, French explorer Jacques Cartier sets sail for North America in 1535.

Today in history, The Spanish Armada sets sail from Lisbon, Portugal in 1588.

Today in history, Cardinal Richelieu (see picture below) of France intervenes in the great conflict in Europe by declaring war on the Hapsburgs in Spain in 1635.

Today in history, Near total darkness descends on New England at noon. No explanation is found in 1780.

Today in history, Mexico ratifies the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ends the Mexican-American War. Under the treaty Mexico agrees to cede California, most of Arizona and New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado, with the Rio Grande River becoming the boundary of Texas. In return the United States agrees to pay Mexico $15 million in 1848.

Today in history, Senator Charles Sumner (see picture below) speaks out against slavery in 1856.

Today in history, The Union and Confederate armies launch their last attacks against each other at Spotsylvania, Virginia in 1864.

Today in history, The National Football League adopts an annual college draft to begin in 1936.

Today in history, U.S. diplomats find at least 40 microphones planted in the American embassy in Moscow in 1964.