Today in history 6/17/2017


Today in history, Sir Francis Drake (see picture below) claims San Francisco Bay for England in 1579.

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Today in history, The British take Bunker Hill outside of Boston, after a costly battle in 1775.

Today in history, The Red Turban revolt breaks out in Guangdong, China in 1854.

Today in historyPresident Abraham Lincoln witnesses Dr. Thaddeus Lowe demonstrate the use of a hot-air balloon in 1861.

Today in history, U.S. Marines set sail from San Diego to protect American interests in Mexico in 1913.

Today in historyYank (see picture below) a weekly magazine for the U.S. armed services, begins publication in 1942.

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Today in history, Surgeon Richard Lawler (see picture below) performs the first kidney transplant operation in Chicago in 1950.

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Today in history, Five men are arrested for burglarizing Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. in 1972.

Today in history, Millions of Americans watch former football player O.J. Simpson (see picture below)–facing murder charges–drive his Ford Bronco through Los Angeles, followed by police in 1994.

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Today in history 7/10/2016-7/16/2016



Today in history, The statue of King George III is pulled down in New York City in 1776.

Today in history, In support of the American Revolution, Louis XVI declares war on England in 1778.

Today in history, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (see picture below) performs the first successful open-heart surgery, without anesthesia in 1893.

Today in history,  Coca-Cola Co. announces it will resume selling “old formula Coke,” following public outcry and falling sales of its “new Coke” in 1985.



Today in history, An army of French knights, led by the Count of Artois, is routed by Flemish pikemen in 1302.

Today in historyAlexander Hamilton is mortally wounded by Aaron Burr in a duel in 1804.

Today in history, Archaeologists unearth an army of 8,000 life-size clay figures (see picture below) created more than 2,000 years ago for the Emperor Qin Shi Huangd in 1975.



Today in historyPresident Dwight D. Eisenhower proposes a highway modernization program, with costs to be shared by federal and state governments in 1954.

Today in history, G. Gordon Liddy, John Ehrlichman and two others are convicted of conspiracy and perjury in connection with the Watergate scandal in 1974.

Today in history, Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale chooses Geraldine Ferraro (see picture below) as his running mate.



Today in history, The Crusaders launch their final assault on Jerusalem in 1099.

Today in history, Ottoman armies capture Tabriz in northwestern Persia in 1534.

Today in history, Congress, under the Articles of Confederation, enacts the Northwest Ordinance, establishing rules for governing the Northwest Territory, for admitting new states to the Union and limiting the expansion of slavery in 1787.

Today in history, Frank Sinatra (see picture below) records his first song, “From the Bottom of my Heart,” with the Harry James Band in 1939.

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Today in history, Joan of Arc (see picture below), taken prisoner by the Burgundians in May, is handed over to Pierre Cauchon, the bishop of Beauvais in 1430.

Today in history, The George Washington Carver National Monument in Joplin, Missouri becomes the first national park honoring an African American in 1951.

Today in history, The United States sends 600 more troops to Vietnam in 1964


Today in historyJerusalem falls to the Crusaders in 1099.

Today in history, Poles and Lithuanians defeat the Teutonic knights at Tannenberg, Prussia in 1410.

Today in history, John F. Kennedy (see picture below) accepts the Democratic nomination for president in 1960.



Today in history,  Czar Nicholas and his family are murdered by Bolsheviks at Ekaterinburg, Russia in 1918.

Today in history, The United States detonates the first atomic bomb in a test at Alamogordo, N. M in 1945.

Today in history, Apollo 11 (see picture below) blasts off from Cape Kennedy, Florida, heading for a landing on the moon in 1969.