Today in history 8/16/2017


Today in history, Henry VIII of England and Emperor Maximilian defeat the French at Guinegate, France, in the Battle of the Spurs in 1513.

Today in history, U.S. President James Buchanan and Britain’s Queen Victoria exchange messages inaugurating the first transatlantic telegraph line in 1858.

Today in history, Gold is discovered in the Klondike of Canada’s Yukon Territory, setting off the Klondike Gold Rush in 1896.

Today in history, The two-person crew of the L-8 (see picture below), a U.S. Navy blimp, disappears without a trace on a routine anti-submarine patrol over the Pacific Ocean. The blimp drifts without her crew and crash-lands in Daly City, California in 1942.

Today in history, The safe of the sunken ocean liner Andrea Doria (see picture below) is opened on TV after three decades, revealing cash and certificates but no other valuables in 1984.

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Today in history 8/15/2017



Today in history, Constantinople falls to Michael VIII of Nicea and his army in 1261.

Today in history, Hugh O’Neill, the Earl of Tyrone, leads an Irish force to victory over the British at the Battle of Yellow Ford in 1598.

Today in history, Frederick II defeats the Austrians at the Battle of Liegnitz in 1760.

Today in history, The Confederate raider Tallahassee (see picture below) captures six Federal ships off New England in 1864.

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Today in history, The Panama Canal opens to traffic in 1914.

Today in history, American, British and French forces land on the southern coast of France, between Toulon and Cannes, in Operation Dragoon in 1944.

Today in history, Britain grants independence to India and Pakistan in 1947.

Today in history, The infamous terrorist Carlos the Jackal (see picture below) is captured in Khartoum, Sudan in 1994.

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Today in history, President Abraham Lincoln (see picture below) appoints Union General Henry Halleck to the position of general-in-chief of the Union Army in 1862.

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Today in history, Troops from Egypt and Morocco arrive in Saudi Arabia as part of the international operation to prevent Iraq from invading in 1990.

Today in historyNATO assumes command of the international peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, its first major operation outside Europe in 2003.


Today in history, Gold is discovered near Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada. After word reaches the United States in June of 1897, thousands of Americans head to the Klondike to seek their fortunes in 1896.

Today in historyHenry Ford‘s first Model T rolls off the assembly line in 1908.

Today in history, Computer giant IBM introduces its first personal computer (see picture below) in 1981.

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Today in history, The first African-American nursing school opens at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia in 1881.

Today in history, The first coin-operated telephone (see picture below) is patented by William Gray in 1889.

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Today in history, The US Court of Appeals rules Congress must save all emails in 1993.


Today in history, The first book ever printed is published by a German astrologer named Faust (see picture below). He is thrown in jail while trying to sell books in Paris. Authorities concluded that all the identical books meant Faust had dealt with the devil in 1457.

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Today in historyJapan announces its unconditional surrender in World War II in 1945.

Today in historyPakistan becomes an independent country in 1947.

Today in history 8/7/2017


Today in history, General George Washington authorizes the award of the Purple Heart for soldiers wounded in combat in 1782.

Today in history, Union troops capture part of Confederate General Jubal Early‘s army at Moorefield, West Virginia in 1864.

Today in history, Theophilus Van Kannel (see picture below) of Philadelphia receives a patent for the revolving door in 1888.

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Today in history, In Washington, the U.S. Court of Appeals rules that the government can neither confiscate nor ban James Joyce’s novel Ulysses in 1934.

Today in history, The U.S. 1st Marine Division under General A. A. Vandegrift lands on the islands of Guadalcanal and Tulagi in the Solomon islands. This is the first American amphibious landing of the war in 1942.

Today in historyApollo 15 (see picture below) returns to Earth. The mission to the moon had marked the first use of the Lunar Roving Vehicle in 1971.

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Today in history, Japan defeats the United States to win the Olympic Gold in baseball in 1984.

Today in history, Operation Desert Shield begins as US troops deploy to Saudi Arabia to discourage Iraq’s Saddam Hussein from invading that country as he had Kuwait .

Today in history, Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants breaks Hank Aaron’s record with his 756th home run. Bonds’ accomplishments were clouded by allegations of illegal steroid use and lying to a grand jury in 2007.

Today in history 8/3/2017


Today in history, Christopher Columbus leaves Spain on his voyage to the new world in 1492.

Today in history, Mary Tudor (see picture below), the new Queen of England, enters London in 1553.

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Today in history, Henry Hudson (see picture below) of England discovers a great bay on the east coast of Canada and names it for himself in 1610.

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Today in history, Federal gunboats attack but do not capture Fort Gains, at the mouth of Mobile Bay, Alabama in 1864.

Today in historyGermany declares war on France in 1914.

Today in history, Chinese troops under American General Joseph Stilwell take the town of Myitkyina from the Japanese in 1945.

Today in history, Radio Shack unveils TRS-80 personal computer (see picture below), which with Apple and Commodore would form the  Its price and Radio Shack’s established retail outlets made it a bestseller for several years.

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