Fantastic 4 and XMen Talk with Jeff

Hey, everyone, Jeff’s back on today’s Morsecast, talking about the Fantastic 4 and XMen. Hope you enjoy!

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CJM Ep 1 – Geeks and Skywalkers

CJM is here! In our debut episode, we discuss CW DC, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, Marvel, and Star Wars with a late Spoilercast of The Rise of Skywalker.

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Fan Art Friday for 8/4/2017

FAN-art-fridayHere’s this week’s Fan Art Friday post. Hope you all enjoy!

The Jinchuuriki | Naruto by Adromedemon! 😀

Erina Nakiri by Erzakuse! ^_^

Atsuko by Technoloaf! 🙂

Shiro’s Iconic Smile – Deadman Wonderland by iamjcat! 😀

Whimsical by Yfetz08! 😀

my Levi drawing! by Shadow2Princess! ^_^

DC_Karaoke_Time by jotakaanimation! 🙂

Hug Attack by Vivalski! 😀 

Fan Art Friday for 7/28/2017

FAN-art-fridayHere’s this week’s Fan Art Friday post. Hope you all enjoy!

Captain America by arissuparmanart! 😀

Storm by Amargonz! ^_^ 

Rogue’s dream warrior outfit by heart8822! 🙂

Spider-Man: Homecoming by Plonzii! 😀

Spider-Gwen by MauroAlbatros! 😀

Meh by Keirahamato! ^_^

Avengers Infinity War Poster Wallpaper4K – JNSVMLI by jnsvmli! 🙂

Stabby-Mc-Stab-Stabb by UluPoPoArt! 😀

Cosplay Wednesday for 7/26/2017


Here’s this week’s Cosplay Wednesday post! Hope you all enjoy!

Captain America Cosplay by CeroArt! 😀

Time for Action by 0pal-heart! ^_^

Marvel: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier by msjadecosplay! 🙂

Hela on throne Thor Ragnarok Cosplay at Comic Con by Mon-Kishu! 😀

Brunnhilde of Asgard by Rinhajay! 😀

With Great Power… by ALuckyRaptor! ^_^

Marvel: Agent Carter and Nick Fury 2 by msjadecosplay! 🙂

Bad luck, Deadpool~ by fae-mermaid! 😀