Today in history 2/22/2020


Today in history, The last invasion of Britain takes place when some 1,400 Frenchmen land at Fishguard in Wales in 1797.

Today in history, Russia and Britain establish the Alaska/Canada boundary in 1825.

Today in history, Frank Winfield Woolworth’s nothing over five cents’ shop opens in Utica, New York. It is the first chain store in 1875.

Today in history, Columbia University declares radio education a success in 1924.

Today in historyOperation Junction City becomes the largest U.S. operation in Vietnam in 1967.

Today in history, Britain and the United States send warships to the Persian Gulf following an Iranian offensive against Iraq in 1984.

Today in history 2/18/2020

Today in history, George, the Duke of Clarence, who had opposed his brother Edward IV, is murdered in the Tower of London in 1478.

Today in history, Quakers in Germantown, Pa. adopt the first formal antislavery resolution in America in 1688.

Today in history, Czar Alexander enters Warsaw at the head of his Army in 1813.

Today in history, Victor Emmanuel II becomes the first King of Italy in 1861.

Today in history, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, is published in New York in 1885.

Today in history, 600,000 tons of grain are sent to Russia to relieve the famine there in 1907.

Today in history, Vuillemin and Chalus complete their first flight over the Sahara Desert in 1920.

Today in history, Manchurian independence is formally declared in 1932.

Today in history, The Golden Gate Exposition opens in San Francisco in 1939.

Today in history, German General Erwin Rommel takes three towns in Tunisia, North Africa in 1943.

Today in history, The National Art Gallery in Washington agrees to buy a Da Vinci for a record $5 million in 1967.

Today in history, The California Supreme Court voids the death penalty in 1972.

Today in history 2/10/2020

Today in history, Hulagu, a Mongol leader, seizes Baghdad, bringing an end to the Abbasid caliphate in 1258.

Today in history, Supporters of Marie de Medici, the queen mother, who has been exiled to Blois, are defeated by the king’s troops at Ponts de Ce, France in 1620.

Today in history, The Treaty of Paris ends the French-Indian War. France gives up all her territories in the New World except New Orleans and a few scattered islands in 1763.

Today in history, Napoleon Bonaparte leaves Cairo, Egypt, for Syria, at the head of 13,000 men in 1799.

Today in history, Napoleon personally directs lightning strikes against enemy columns advancing toward Paris, beginning with a victory over the Russians at Champaubert in 1814.

Today in history, Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert in 1840.

Today in history, Led by religious leader Brigham Young, the first Mormons begin a long westward exodus from Nauvoo, Il., to Utah in 1846.

Today in history, Russia and Japan declare war on each other in 1904.

Today in history, Iceland is attacked by German planes in 1941.

Today in history, London severs diplomatic relations with Romania in 1941.

Today in history, The war halts civilian car production at Ford in 1942.

Today in history, The Metropolitan Museum announces the first major theft in its 110-year history, $150,000 Greek marble head in 1979.

Today in history 2/3/2020


Today in history, Emperor Frederick Barbarossa hurtles prisoners, including children, at the Italian city of Crema, forcing its surrender in 1160.

Today in history, The Mongols take over Vladimir, Russia in 1238.

Today in history, The first paper money in America is issued in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1690.

Today in history, Spain recognizes United States’ independence in 1783.

Today in history, New U.S. football rules are set: field shortened to 100 yds.; touchdown counts six points instead of five; four downs are allowed instead of three; and the kickoff is moved from midfield to the 40 yd. line in 1912.

Today in history, A German submarine sinks the U.S. liner Housatonic off coast of Sicily. The United States severs diplomatic relations with Germany in 1917.

Today in history, The Allies demand that 890 German military leaders stand trial for war crimes in 1920.

Today in history, President Calvin Coolidge signs a bill creating the Federal Radio Commission to regulate the airwaves in 1927.

Today in history, The United States shells the Japanese homeland for the first time at Kurile Islands in 1944.

Today in history, The month-long Battle of Manila begins in 1945.

Today in history, Millions greet Queen Elizabeth in Sydney on her first royal trip to Australia in 1954.

Today in history, Soviet Luna 9 achieves soft landing on the moon in 1966.

Today in strangeness for 1/19/2020-1/25/2020

Here’s this week’s today in strangeness. Hope you enjoy!

January 19th/20th:

In Italy, on this day in 1891, a luminous object or meteor was seen, accompanied by a fall of stones from the sky and an earthquake. In 1949, J. Edgar Hoover gave Shirley Temple a tear gas fountain pen.

January 21st:

Today in strangeness, On this date in 1954, the first nuclear-powered submarine, USS Nautilus, was launched by First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, who broke the traditional bottle of champagne across the ship’s bow. Eleven years ago, the Eyak language in Alaska became extinct, as its last native speaker passed away.

January 22nd:

Today in strangeness, It was on this date in 1881 that the ancient Egyptian obelisk known as Cleopatra’s Needle was erected in NYC’s Central Park. Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport opened a departure lounge for cattle on January 22, 1988.

January 23rd:

Today in strangeness, It was on this day in 1957 that Wham-O produced the first Frisbees. The name was derived from students throwing around empty pie tins from the Frisbie Pie Company. The first version of the Frisbee was marketed as the Pluto Platter to cash in on the public craze over space and UFOs. Speaking of  Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh first photographed the dwarf planet on today’s date in 1930.

January 24th: 

Today in strangeness, It was on this day in 1925 that a moving picture of the solar eclipse was taken from a dirigible over Long Island. This date also saw the murder of Caligula (41 AD), Ted Bundy’s execution in ‘Old Sparky,’ the Florida electric chair (1989), and the passing of L. Ron Hubbard (1986).

January 25th: 

Today in strangeness, On this date in 1995, Russia was mere moments away from starting a nuclear war after it detected a missile being launched from Norway. For the first time in Russian history, the country’s leaders activated their nuclear suitcases in anticipation of what they believed would be a Soviet counter-strike. After eight tense minutes, it was determined that the missile was not an impending attack against Russia. Later, it was revealed that the missile was, in fact, a Norwegian scientific craft and Russia had been informed of the event but that information never made its way down to those in charge of monitoring the skies over the country.