Today in history 5/7/2017


Today in history, The dome of the church of St. Sophia in Constantinople collapses. Its immediate rebuilding is ordered by Justinian in 558.

Today in history, The Second Council of Lyons opens in France to regulate the election of the pope in 1274.

Today in history, Joan of Arc (see picture below) breaks the English siege of Orleans in 1429.

Today in history, Congress divides the Northwest Territory into two parts. The western part will becomes the Indiana Territory and the eastern section remains the Northwest Territory in 1800.

Today in history, Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” premieres in Vienna in 1824.

Today in history, The American Medical Association is formed in Philadelphia in 1847.

Today in history, In the Battle of the Coral Sea  (see picture below). Japanese and American navies attack each other with carrier-launched warplanes. It is the first time in the history of naval warfare where two fleets fought without seeing each other.Two crucial battles in 1942 marked the turning point of the war in the Pacific.

Today in history, Germany signs an unconditional surrender, effectively ending World War II in Europe in 1945.

Today in history 4/21/2017


Today in history, Traditional date of the foundation of Rome in 753 BC.

Today in historyMarcus Antonius is defeated by Octavian near Modena, Italy in 43 BC.

Today in history, Mongol Emperor Babur annihilates the Indian Army of Ibrahim Lodi in 1526.

Today in history, The Maryland Toleration Act is passed, allowing all people freedom of worship in 1649.

Today in historyWilliam III and Mary II (see picture below) are crowned joint king and queen of England, Scotland and Ireland in 1689.

Today in history, General Sam Houston (see picture below) defeats Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto. Texas wins independence from Mexico in 1836.

Today in history, Congress establishes the U.S. Mint in 1862.

Today in history, Bill Carlisle (see picture below), the infamous ‘last train robber,’ robs a train in Hanna, Wyoming in 1916.

Today in history, Brasilia becomes the capital of Brazil in 1960.

Today in history, The French army revolts in Algeria in 1961.

Today in history, Pfc. Milton Lee Olive is awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously, for bravery during the Vietnam War in 1966.

Today in history 4/11/2017



Today in history, The forces of the Holy League are heavily defeated by the French at the Battle of Ravenna in 1512.

Today in history, The Treaty of Utrecht is signed, ending the War of Spanish Succession. France cedes its Maritime provinces to Britain in 1713.

Today in history, After receiving a copy of the provisional treaty on 13 March, Congress proclaims a formal end to hostilities with Great Britain in 1783.

Today in history, American President William McKinley (see picture below) asks Congress for a declaration of war with Spain in 1898.

Today in history, German bombers blitz Coventry, England in 1941.

Today in history, President Truman fires General Douglas MacArthur (see picture below) as head of United Nations forces in Korea in 1951.

Today in history, Adolf Eichmann, Nazi Germany’s chief architect of the Holocaust in World War II, stands trial in Jerusalem on 15 charges that include war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the Jewish people. In covering the trial for The New Yorker, Hannah Arendt coins the phrase “the banality of evil” in reference to Eichmann in 1961.

Today in history, Folk singer Bob Dylan performs in New York City for the first time, opening for John Lee Hooker (see picture below) in 1961.

Today in history, President Johnson signs the 1968 Civil Rights Act in 1968.

Today in history, Forty-three African nations sign the African Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Treaty in 1996.

Today in history 3/3/2017



Today in history, Congress passes a resolution authorizing the U.S. Mint in 1791; legislation creating the mint will be passed on Apr. 2, 1792.

Today in history, The first impeachment trial of a U.S. judge, John Pickering, begins in 1803.

Today in history, Florida becomes the 27th U.S. state in 1845.

Today in history, Rutherford B. Hayes, the republican governor of Ohio, is elected president; his election is confirmed by an electoral commission after a disputed election the previous November in 1877.

Today in history, The first issue of Time magazine is published. Its editor, Henry R. Luce (see picture below), is just out of Yale in 1923.


Today in history, President Herbert Hoover signs a bill that makes Francis Scott Key’s “Star Spangled Banner,” the national anthem in 1931.

Today in history, Japan discloses its first defense plan since World War II in 1973.

Today in history, Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky (see picture below) appears on national television to explain her affair with President Bill Clinton in 1999.


Today in history 3/1/2017



Today in history, York, Maine becomes the first incorporated American city in 1642.

Today in history, Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne and Tituba are arrested for the supposed practice of witchcraft in Salem, Mass in 1692.

Today in history, Pennsylvania becomes the first U.S. state to abolish slavery in 1780.

Today in history, Congress passes the Civil Rights Act in 1875, which is invalidated by the Supreme Court in 1883.

Today in history, 1,000 Black students pray and sing the national anthem on the steps of the old Confederate Capitol in Montgomery, AL in 1960.

Today in history, Mickey Mantle (see picture below) announces his retirement from baseball in 1969.


Today in history, The Pentagon accepts the theory that an atomic war would block the sun, causing a “nuclear winter” in 1985.