A look back at Fairfax Comic Con and Meeting Monica Rial in 2019

Last month, I had the great pleasure of discussing my experiences at Otakon from 2017-2019. Now, I would like to focus on my experience at Fairfax Comic Con in August of 2019. I must admit, my reason for wanting to attend Fairfax Comic Con was to meet Monica Rial. Monica like some of you are aware was being deluge by Vic Mignogna supporters or ISWV for coming out and saying that Vic had done some inappropriate things to her; Jamie Marchi and other women have come forward about this and Funimation investigated and found the allegations credible enough to fire him from dubbing The Morose Mononokean 2. The whole Vic situation was just sad and getting out of hand on Twitter especially when Monica and Jamie stepped forward with their stories. Fans would harass and call them liars. It was sickening. I felt horrible because a lot of fans assumed right away that these brave women who have come forward were lying. Even, Amanda Winn Lee and Daman Mills who have come out in support, were vilified by the ISWV mob.

All of this made me feel sick as an anime fan. I couldn’t believe how hateful these people were getting and worse, they were bullying and engaging in doxing of people, they disagreed with. They would even false report Twitter accounts, simply because they disagreed with them or didn’t support Vic. I literally felt embarrassed and ashamed of the community for acting like a bunch of vultures. Lawyers were even caught up in this mess because they saw what a gong show it was becoming and even wrote lengthy threads explaining how Vic (who decided to sue Monica and her fiance, Jamie, and Funimation) was going to lose big. Of course, his fan base wouldn’t hear of it, even though in the end, the lawyers were right.

I wanted to do something, so when I heard that Monica was going to be at Fairfax Comic Con, it was a great opportunity to show my support. I asked Jeff if he wanted to go, but a family situation occurred, so I went alone to meet Monica. Monica was simply the best highlight of Fairfax Comic Con. She was so nice and I loved that she did her Froppy voice for a little girl and her father. It was so sweet. She did Bulma’s voice and told some wonderful stories too. I got a little choked up when she asked if I had social media and that she was sorry for the craziness, but I told her that I support her and she has nothing to apologize for. I think my support cheered her up and I definitely plan to do the same with Jamie when I meet her in the future.

While Monica was a huge part of why I wanted to go to last year’s Fairfax Comic Con, seeing the vendors and listening to a couple of talks was really cool. I some cool stuff and wished that I brought more money because I wiffed out on meeting one of the voice actresses from Jem. Whoops! Another Jem voice actress is supposed to be at this year’s con and Monica too, so I definitely plan on going back and hopefully, Jeff can come as well too! Overall, Fairfax Comic Con was a blast and I can’t wait to go again!

Tomorrow, I’ll post a follow up Morsecast detailing ISVW’s pathetic attempt to “bully me” off Youtube because of my Meeting Monica video.

Now without further delay, I give you some of the sights I saw at Fairfax Comic Con in 2019.

Really, loved seeing all the vendors and artists! The Pikachu Volkswagen was really cool too!

Stay Puff Marshmallow Man and the Ecto 1!

More cool sights!

Attended a couple of interesting panels about Comic book writing and art work! Gary Cohn creator of DC’s Blue Devil, @bfrantz19, and @TimShinn73 were all awesome!

The highlight for me was meeting Monica Rial! She was so awesome and I loved her story with #MasakoSensei! Thank you so much for signing Bulma for me! Stay positive always!

Some of the cool stuff I got at Fairfax Comic Con! I also got to meet the authors of the two books I bought and they autographed them too!

Check out these videos from Fairfax Comic Con. For 2020’s convention, I hope to have more videos to show you guys.

Pokemon GO week in review for 2/18/2020-2/24/2020

Here’s this week’s review of the Pokemon I caught in Pokemon GO. Hope you enjoy!

February 18th:

Caught Alomomola, Shadow Sandshrew, Sawk, and Unown! 😃

February 19th:

Battled Blitzle in a 2 Star Raid, caught Cherrim, hatched Igglybuff from a 7 km egg, and battled Tornadus in a 5 Star Raid! 😃

February 20th:

Battled Team GO Rocket for Shadow Misdreavus, caught Skarmory, battled Roggenrola in a 1 Star Raid, and caught Shiny Growlithe! 😃

Shadow Misdreavus likes to hide in empty hallways and spook the ESL students! 😃

Shiny Growlithe is happy to greet the ESL students when they come to class! 😃

February 21st:

Completed another Woobat research task, battled Cubchoo in a 1 Star Raid, evolved my Shadow Exeggcute into Shadow Exeggutor, and evolved my Magmar into Magmortar with the Sinnoh Stone! 😃

February 22nd:

Happy Pokemon GO Community Day everyone! I hope your day went well hunting for shinies! 😃

Caught 1 Shiny Rhyhorn along with 2 Shiny Rhydons and evolved a 3rd one into Shiny Rhyperior! 😃

Turns out I should of waited to use my Sinnoh Stone because this last #ShinyRhyhorn I caught had the best overall stats of the 5 I caught so until I acquire another one, I’ll have to wait to evolve this one! 😃

Overall, one of my luckiest days in Pokemon GO! Yay! 😃

February 23rd:

Evolved my Tepig into Emboar, caught Gastly along with Larvitar, and battled Alolan Exeggutor in a 2 Star Raid! 😃

Emboar is here to seize the day with passion! 😃

February 24th:

Caught Oshawott along with Basculin and Cranidos, and fought Regigigas in a 5 Star Raid! 😃

Anime Wednesday for 2/19/2020

download (5)

Here’s this week’s Anime Wednesday post. Hope you all enjoy!

Auction Pending – Pink Poison by CI-IROME! 😀 https://www.deviantart.com/ci-irome/art/Auction-Pending-Pink-Poison-831061194

mspaintpikachu by 0503090! 😀 https://www.deviantart.com/0503090/art/mspaintpikachu-830975237

Commission: Happy Valentines Day(?) by Mgx0! 😀 https://www.deviantart.com/mgx0/art/Commission-Happy-Valentines-Day-830824976

Journey Cosplay by AngelaBermudez! 😀 https://www.deviantart.com/angelabermudez/art/Journey-Cosplay-605513817

SAO by Pugoffka-sama! 😀 https://www.deviantart.com/pugoffka-sama/art/SAO-572579158

cosplay. Akame ga kill – Esdeath by kmitenkova! 😀 https://www.deviantart.com/kmitenkova/art/cosplay-Akame-ga-kill-Esdeath-522081134

Kuzomari videos:

Pokemon GO week in review for 2/11/2020-2/17/2020

Here’s this week’s review of the Pokemon I caught in Pokemon GO. Hope you enjoy!

February 11th:

Hatched an Alolan Grimer from a 7 km egg, battled a Team GO Rocket to catch Shadow Exeggcute, caught Trubbish, and battled in a 2 Star Raid for Electabuzz! 😃

February 12th:

Caught a Luvdisc along with Spoink, evolved another Spoink into Grumpig, and caught Clamperl as well too! 😃

February 13th:

Caught Minccino, Larvitar, Roggenrola, and Heatmor! 😃

February 14th:

Happy Pokemon GO Valentines everyone! 😃

Battled both Mawile in 2 Star Raids, evolved my Alolan Vulpix into Alolan NineTales, and caught Alomomola as well too! 😃

Alolan NineTales never lets the cold bother her! ⛄️

February 15th:

Caught Audino and Chansey and fought Lickitung twice to get one shiny and one regular with the same CP! 😃

Shiny Lickitung is here for your candy! 😅

February 16th:

Caught a Luvdisc, battled for another Lickitung, evolved Roggenrola into Boldore, and hatched Azurill from a 7 km egg! 😃

February 17th:

Caught a Shiny Chansey, evolved my Slowpoke into Slowbro, battled Regigigas in an Ex Raid, and evolved Flaafy into Ampharos! 😃

Shiny Chansey is such a happy greeter for the ESL students! 😃

Pokemon GO week in review for 2/4/2020-2/10/2020

Here’s this week’s review of the Pokemon I caught in Pokemon GO. Hope you enjoy!

February 4th:

Caught Golett, purified both Growlithe and Sandshrew, and caught another Minccino! 😃

Photo Bombing Smeargle and Gollet are Boo’s bodyguards! 😃

Purified Sandshrew is here to entertain you with his purity of light and spinning tricks! 😃

February 5th:

Caught a #ShinyPatrat, battled Tornadus in a 5 Star Raid, evolved my Minccino into Cinccino, and caught Roggenrola as well too! 😃

Tornadus brought some rain tonight apparently! 🤣

February 6th:

Caught a Porygon along with a Chimecho, Unown, and Joltik! 😃

February 7th:

Caught Bagon along with Karrablast and #ShinyPonuta, and I evolved Shinx into Luxray! 😃

February 8th: 

Caught a Girafang along with Minccino, Photo Bombing Smeargle, and Feebas! 😃

February 9th:

Battled Tornadus in a 5 Star Raid, completed another Woobat Research, caught Monferno, and evolved Shadow Abra into Shadow Alakazam! 😃

Tornadus wanted rain and storms but not today apparently! 😅

February 10th:

Evolved Venipede into Scolipede, caught Ditto disguised as Bidoof, evolved Hippopotas into Hippowdon, and caught Shelmet! 😃

Don’t even think of going to the soda machine before Shadow Alakazam does! 🤣

Hippowdon is making sure no cookies are stolen tonight! Snorlax and Munchlax have been greedy! 😂